Irish ABC Newspaper Circulation June 2018

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June ABC’s the halfway point and the beginning of the Jan-June ‘Island of Ireland figures for the majority of publications audited b the ABC. Thirty-five days from now the rest of the bunch will publish their numbers.

The Sun dropped over 1,000 copies month on month with the Daily Star adding 500 copies over the month. The morning market was back 1% or 1,500 over the month.

You can see from the chart below the trajectory of the main players in the monthly audit – the Mail and the Mirror are close to converging and The Sun seems to be holding a straighter path than The Star.

Below the surface, there’s the issue of the use of bulks or the abandonment of them which isn’t apparent from the graphic.

Morning June 2018

The Sunday market dropped 3% over the month with the biggest fallers being Mail on Sunday (-3792), Sunday Times (-2818) and Sun on Sunday (-1046). The People lost 1,000 and the reason for pointing that out is that it equates to an 11% drop on the month and, selling 7,000 copies each Sunday, it can’t afford to do that every month.

Sunday June 2018

TitleJun-18May-18Jun-17M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror28,90429,48333,142-579-4,238-2%-13%
Daily Record241265303-24-62-9%-20%
Irish Daily Star45,31844,97148,939347-3,6211%-7%
The Sun54,84055,86654,407-1,026433-2%1%
Daily Express2,2902,3302,532-40-242-2%-10%
Irish Daily Mail30,34630,72540,091-379-9,745-1%-24%
The Daily Telegraph1,9461,7442,161202-21512%-10%
Financial Times2,1212,2052,264-84-143-4%-6%
The Guardian1,9431,9212,16022-2171%-10%
The Times6,8686,8682,54404,3240%170%
Morning Market174,817176,378188,543-1,561-13,726-1%-7%
Daily Star – Sunday13,97514,05514,905-80-930-1%-6%
The Sun on Sunday52,26953,31551,364-1,046905-2%2%
Sunday Mail701706779-5-78-1%-10%
Sunday Mirror20,16720,79823,121-631-2,954-3%-13%
The People7,0827,9718,656-889-1,574-11%-18%
Sunday Express2,8173,0283,148-211-331-7%-11%
Sunday Post364377657-13-293-3%-45%
The Mail on Sunday60,33564,12778,110-3,792-17,775-6%-23%
The Observer4,0854,2034,187-118-102-3%-2%
The Sunday Telegraph1,6041,7441,723-140-119-8%-7%
The Sunday Times71,82174,63977,223-2,818-5,402-4%-7%
Sunday Market235,220244,963263,873-9,743-28,653-4%-11%
Total Market410,037421,341452,416-11,304-42,379-3%-9%