February 2013 ABC’s

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This month see a dose of reality in the figures, if not a slightly inflated dose. For the past few months there has been an absence of a comparison for the Sun on Sunday – which had the effect of distorting the market by somewhat overinflating it. However it was February 2012 that the Sun on Sunday first revealed itself with a none too flattering debut of 109,000. It means that February ’13 is the first month where we can compare the Sun to a figure for the previous year.  

It reveals that the paper has lost over 50,000 sales year on year. Granted the comparison is to the first edition figure which will normally have a large subscription.   

Again this month the tabloids in the morning take some punishment dropping 4,000 collectively over the month and 18,000 over the year. The Sun lost nearly 2,000 and is easing itself closer to dropping below the 60 mark (and I suggest the Daily Star might follow it shortly after).

The Sunday Market was up marginally, the Mail on Sunday adding 1,600 and the Sunday Mirror down nearly 2,000, which was a larger than normal drop for that title.

 sun tab Mor tab

Over the twelve months, close to 100,000 people have deserted the Sunday market, in one form or another. The two ways of doing that: quitting the market altogether or cutting back, once buying two papers now only one. That underlying disaster has always been there but it was masked by having the Sun (Sunday) figure and no figure to compare it against, thus distorting and inflating the real numbers.

However, spare a though for the Sun (Sunday) across the water. Launching at a figure of 3.213m it is now down to 1.912 a 40% decline year on year.

Daily Mirror 55,61458,11456,842-2,500-1,228
Daily Record491632459-14132
Irish Daily Star67,05176,51468,213-9,463-1,162
The Sun64,96471,57666,823-6,612-1,859
Daily Express2,7662,8252,706-5960
Irish Daily Mail51,40950,54851,272861137
The Daily Telegraph28182,8152,907-2,815-89
Financial Times2,8493,3692,810-52039
The Guardian2,9963,2773,213-281-217
The Independent0813000
The Times2,0732,0852,070-123
Morning Market253,807273,083258,071-21,281-4,264
Daily Star – Sunday23,02534,38622,351-11,361674
The Sun/NotW58,234109,45058,749-51,216-515
Sunday Mail1,0481,360979-31269
Sunday Mirror40,00357,01241,910-17,009-1,907
The People16,59124,80316,980-8,212-389
Sunday Express3,3703,6432,550-273820
Sunday Post607724621-117-14
The Mail on Sunday107,492109,042105,827-1,5501,665
Ind. on Sunday01,331000
The Observer5,7836,5515,881-768-98
The Sunday Telegraph2,6662,8792,697-61-31
The Sunday Times102,464108,599600-6,135864
Sunday  Market361,283459,780360,145-97,0141,138
Racing Post05,3740-5,3740
Total Market615,090738,237618,216-123,669-3,126


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