February 2017 ABC Circulations

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February ABC’s were released and it’s the usual swings and roundabouts. In the morning market, the Mirror and The Sun saw the biggest falls with the Daily Star managing to maintain roughly where it was last month. The Daily Mail’s decline can be partially attributed to a decline in bulks and to a lesser extend a decline in retail sales.

The Daily Star on Sunday defied all odds and managed a 1,300 increase in sales whilst the Sun on Sunday and The Sunday Mirror felt a drop of roughly 700 copies each.

The Sunday Times lost 1,500 over the counter as their bulks remains roughly the same as last month.

Morning Market down 9,000 on the month and 16,000 on the year while the Sunday market is down 11,000 on the month and 33,000 on the year.


TitleFeb-17Jan-17Feb-16M/MY/Y% Y/Y% M/M
Daily Mirror34,08035,43338,259-1,353-4,179-4%-11%
Daily Record2672572601074%3%
Irish Daily Star50,71850,94053,947-222-3,2290%-6%
The Sun54,30856,39958,493-2,091-4,185-4%-7%
Daily Express2,4862,5012,407-1579-1%3%
Irish Daily Mail39,76844,93044,339-5,162-4,571-11%-10%
The Daily Telegraph2,1362,2872,448-151-312-7%-13%
Financial Times2,3142,4122,322-98-8-4%0%
The Guardian2,1412,1652,257-24-116-1%-5%
The Times2,4482,5332,474-85-26-3%-1%
Morning Market190,666199,857207,206-9,191-16,540-5%-8%
Daily Star – Sunday16,21514,81914,7271,3961,4889%10%
The Sun on Sunday51,68652,41255,914-726-4,228-1%-8%
Sunday Mail711715686-425-1%4%
Sunday Mirror23,27024,05627,199-786-3,929-3%-14%
The People8,9798,94510,19534-1,2160%-12%
Sunday Express2,7842,7842,8140-300%-1%
Sunday Post6876878880-2010%-23%
The Mail on Sunday73,11273,22981,695-117-8,5830%-11%
The Observer4,4234,5554,337-13286-3%2%
The Sunday Telegraph1,7031,7552017-52-314-3%-16%
The Sunday Times80,38581,92580284-1,540101-2%0%
Sunday Market263,955265,882280,756-1,927-16,801-1%-6%
Total Market454,621465,739487,962-11,118-33,341-2%-7%