February 2012 Newspaper Circulations

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The big story this month is what can only be described as The Sun’s (Sunday) maiden voyage.  And the launch fanfare was so great that it managed encouraged a euro out of a 109,000 punters pockets in its first week. Naturally there’s bound to be an element of ‘curtain twitching’ in the figure and next month will be a much better indication of its sale.

The comparison is going to be drawn and it’s that the Sun Sunday (SS) is still 8,600 behind where the NoW was in February 2011. Interestingly, the other papers that muscled in on the NoW readers when it closed manage to hang on to the vast majority of their hostages when the SoS appeared last month. Across the pond is another story: In May 2011 the NoW was selling 2.4m copies every Sunday. The Sun (Sunday) sold 3.06m copies nearly 700k more. Again, wait ‘till the dust settles and see where that stabilises   

The biggest faller, the Sunday Mirror, was the biggest gainer after the closure. It fell back 4,300 copies this month and the Sunday People dropped 1,400. The Mail on Sunday fell over 6,000 and I’d be weary of attributing that drop completely to the introduction of the SS and likewise the fall in the Sunday Times (-5,300).

The Sunday market managed a month on month rise, but is still down 24,000 on the previous year.

In the Morning market the Sun slipped another 1,700 and is dangerously close to falling into the 60’s.  The Mirror fell 1,300 and other than that all the papers managed to be roughly in the same position as last month.

Year on year its down 28,000 with the tabloids accounting for over 80% of that fall.

Daily Mirror 59,47058,11462,1031,356-3,989
Daily Record55163272381-91
Irish Daily Star76,56076,51488,036-46-11,522
The Sun73,28371,57679,831-1,707-8,255
Daily Express2,8312,8252,762-663
Irish Daily Mail49,27449,50253,089228-3,587
The Daily Telegraph2,9322,8152,765-11750
Financial Times3,2313,3693,687138-318
The Guardian3,5623,2773,616-285-339
The Independent838813910-25-97
The Times2,1082,0852,180-23-95
Morning Market275,119271,522300,169-3,597-28,647
Daily Star – Sunday35,35334,38631,318-9673,068
NoW/The Sun (Sunday)109,450118,060
Sunday Mail1,1621,3601,587198-227
Sunday Mirror61,36557,01240,786-4,35316,226
The People26,10424,80318,436-1,3016,367
Sunday Express3,8423,6433,507-199136
Sunday Post823724764-99-40
The Mail on Sunday115,186109,042116,133-6,144-7,091
Independent on Sunday1,2981,3311,3203311
The Observer7,0346,5517,223-483-672
The Sunday Telegraph2,7782,8792,591101288
The Sunday Times114,614108,599113,992-6,015-5,393
Sunday  Market369,559459,780455,71790,2214,063
Racing Post5,4115,3745,786-37-412
Total Market650,089736,676761,67286,587-24,996