December 2014 Irish Newspaper ABC Circulation

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The final ABC of 2014 was released today. Both the December ABC and the July-Dec figure are available for the majority of papers in the Irish Market.  

Looking at the December ABC first: it’s a month that’s normally very quite in terms of newspaper sales and this is reflected in the morning figures here. The Daily Star had another torrid month dropping 2,200 in December alone. It’s not an isolated loss for the publication having sustained in or around 2,000 declines every month since September. The Sun and The Mirror also declined but not to the extent of The Star.  

In the Sunday market there was reversal of fortunes where nearly all the Sundays lifted in the final month. Now there could be reasonable explanation for this uplift. Firstly there were five Sundays in the month and all of the papers were allowed an exemption for Sunday 28th as the sales would have been poor. So we are are looking at an average of four strong publications out of five for the month. The Sundays historically throw a few quid at the market in December in the form of supplements, mainly the TV type – which sell well. So both factors contributed to a buoyant month for the Sundays.  

It all meant that the Sunday market added 7,000 on the month or 2% but is still down 5% year on Year.          

TitleDec-14Dec-13Nov-14Y o YM o MY % +/-M % +/-
Daily Mirror 43,91847,37645,095-3,458-1,177-7%-3%
Daily Record279420272-1417-34%3%
Irish Daily Star54,51560,32756,759-5,812-2,244-10%-4%
The Sun56,10159,60657,336-3,505-1,235-6%-2%
Morning Tabloids154,813167,729159,462-12,916-4,649-8%-3%
Daily Express2,5592,7362,539-17720-6%1%
Irish Daily Mail43,85050,90145,103-7,051-1,253-14%-3%
The Daily Telegraph2,7122,7832,540-71172-3%7%
Financial Times2,3812,5292,390-148-9-6%0%
The Guardian2,7053,0172,523-312182-10%7%
The Independent       
The Times2,3692,0972,17427219513%9%
Morning Market211,389231,792216,731-20,403-5,342-9%-2%
Daily Star – Sunday18,78120,20716,855-1,4261,926-7%11%
The Sun/NotW54,88153,16353,9211,7189603%2%
Sunday Mail883903816-2067-2%8%
Sunday Mirror33,26035,08231,662-1,8221,598-5%5%
The People12,50814,04412,469-1,53639-11%0%
 Sunday Tabloids120,313123,399115,723-3,0864,590-3%4%
Sunday Express3,3743,2683,0801062943%10%
Sunday Post520549478-2942-5%9%
The Mail on Sunday91,611100,12894,356-8,517-2,745-9%-3%
Independent on Sunday     
The Observer5,1665,5744,967-408199-7%4%
The Sunday Telegraph2,4492,4442,23952100%9%
The Sunday Times86,05992,23386,290-6,174-231-7%0%
Sunday  Market429,805450,994422,856-21,1896,949-5%2%
Total Market641,194682,786639,587-41,5921,607-6%0%

But the December figure also allows us to close off 2014 – or more importantly finalise the July – Dec figures for most of the papers. Six newspapers will not publish ABC’s until next month so we won’t be able to see the full picture until then. The “Total” figure for both the Sunday and Morning tables do not include the papers awaiting their certificates.

The morning market shows that the papers producing monthly certs are down 9% year on year. I’d expect that to lighten up a little when the other papers are added as the table here is dominated by the morning tabloids who have taken a bruising over the year. I’d expect a little more stability from the other morning titles.

The Sunday show a drop of 5% but the two biggest titles are not accounted for yet, so anything could happen.     

PublicationJJ 2014JJ 2013Diff ‘000Diff %
Sunday Independent  N/A229,382  
Sunday WorldN/A208,281  
Sunday Business PostN/A34,012  
Daily Star Sunday 18,78119,877-1,096-6%
The Sun (Sunday)54,88155,417-536-1%
Irish Sunday Mirror33,26035,467-2,207-6%
The People12,50813,759-1,251-9%
Sunday Express3,3743,486-112-3%
Mail on Sunday96,414100,082-3,668-4%
Independent.on Sunday    
The Observer5,1665,319-153-3%
Sunday Telegraph2,4492,528-79-3%
Sunday Times86,05991,841-5,782-6%
Total Sunday*312,892327,776-14,884-5%


PublicationJD 2014JD 2013Diff ‘000Diff %
Irish IndependentN/A117,361  
Irish TimesN/A82,059  
Daily Mirror46,87052,165-5,295-10%
Irish Daily Star58,71864,745-6,027-9%
The Sun59,11963,535-4,416-7%
Daily Express2,7563,057-301-10%
Irish Daily Mail45,14149,814-4,673-9%
Daily Telegraph2,7122,864-152-5%
Financial Times2,3812,545-164-6%
The Independent000 
The Times2,3692,2211487%
Total 222,771244,156-21,385-9%