December 2012 ABC Irish Newspaper Circulations

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The results for the final month of 2012 are in and, surprisingly, no good news in that batch of figures. December is generally a slow month for newspaper sales and this year is fairly consistent with last year – back about 3% month on month.     

The Star took yet another step backward loosing 2,000 copies on the month falling to an historically low 66,000. Not to put too fine a point on it, but they have lost nearly 6,500 copies since August alone and 8,000 on the year. It’s something of a freefall.  Its close rival, The Sun, also saw its sales dropping by 2,000 to just shy of 66,000. The Daily Mirror bucked the trend and put on 500 copies.

Two of the big fallers were the Sunday Sun which dropped nearly 6,000 copies in the month and is now down to 56,000. A cursory glance at the figures from the main paper shows that it’s heading in the same direction.

The Sunday Times dropped nearly 4,000 on the month copies and tipped it under the 100,000 mark (again).  It’s down nearly 7,000 year on year.

The morning market is down 6% year on year and the Sunday up 2.2%. Remove the Sunday Sun to compare like with like and the Sunday market is down nearly 11%.

These are the final figures for these papers. If the laggards in the business had their fingers out then today we could be analysing the six month figures for July December. But that would be too fast passed and we have to wait until the 21st of February for those figures to be published.  

TitleDec-12Dec-11Nov-12Y/YY/Y %M/M
Daily Mirror 55,91356,36055,354-447-0.8%559
Daily Record477531500-54-10.2%-23
Irish Daily Star66,94175,33169,017-8,390-11.1%-2,076
The Sun65,71470,59767,737-4,883-6.9%-2,023
Daily Express2,6893,0372,754-348-11.5%-65
Irish Daily Mail48,67248,56949,0811030.2%-409
The Daily Telegraph2,8022,9692,759-167-5.6%43
Financial Times2,8653,5202,913-655-18.6%-48
The Guardian3,1753,5803,139-405-11.3%36
The Independent08582,913-858
The Times2,0652,1872,097-122-5.6%-32
Morning Market251,313268,007258,264-16,694-6.2%-6,951
Daily Star – Sunday23,36035,50022,659-12,140-34.2%701
The Sun/NotW56,74962,560-5,811
Sunday Mail1,0551,2061,060-151-12.5%-5
Sunday Mirror40,71658,93939,726-18,223-30.9%990
The People16,68825,89617,645-9,208-35.6%-957
Sunday Express3,4583,8913,195-433-11.1%263
Sunday Post627716636-89-12.4%-9
The Mail on Sunday106,851106,731107,7971200.1%-946
Independent on Sunday1,426-1,426
The Observer6,2206,7706,406-550-8.1%-186
The Sunday Telegraph2,5592,4742,536853.4%23
The Sunday Times98,132105,101101,851-6,969-6.6%-3,719
Sunday  Market356,415348,650366,0717,7652.2%-9,656
Racing Post5,5806,1695,345-589-9.5%235
Total Market613,308622,826629,680-9,518-1.5%-16,372