Circulations and Revenue

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Yet another way to look at the figures is, interestingly, through generated revenue. It should be noted that these are revenues ‘at the till’ and not the revenues accruing to the publisher. Also they are, unfortunately, including bulks as its impossible to guess what figure to put on the bulk sales. But, given those partial constraints, it’s still an interesting look at the cash in the business.

The Sunday world manages to increase its revenue on a flat circulation figure and the Daily Mail has a decent increase in revenue thanks to a circulation increase and a price rise. The Mirror is the run-away success story with a huge increase in revenue. Conversely the Sunday Independent dropped 7%     
TitlePrice 2011Price 2010Revenue 2011Revenue 2010Diff ‘000Diff %
Sunday Independent  €2.60€2.60€31,951,275€34,382,847-€2,431,572-7%
Sunday World€2.35€2.25€30,631,507€29,407,248€1,224,2594%
Sunday Business Post€2.70€2.60€6,056,996€6,178,099-€121,103-2%
Daily Star Sunday €1.40€2.10€2,928,453€5,760,518-€2,832,066-49%
Irish News of the World€1.50€0€9,663,420-€9,663,420
Irish Sunday Mirror€1.45€1.40€5,006,786€2,782,270€2,224,51680%
The People€1.45€1.40€2,140,606€1,438,965€701,64149%
Sunday Express€1.40€1.40€322,577€299,281€23,2968%
IoS/Daily Mail€2.20€2.00€13,054,642€11,473,904€1,580,73814%
Independent.on Sunday€1.90€1.90€155,215€139,209€16,00611%
The Observer€2.50€2.30€956,020€922,834€33,1864%
Sunday Telegraph€2.00€2.00€305,032€258,024€47,00818%
Sunday Times€2.80€2.70€15,948,878€15,010,024€938,8556%

The morning market suffered the same fate – any paper that held it’s price at last years levels suffered. Its only when you see the revenue for the mornings you begin to understand the cash involved in the market – nearly a quarter of a billion a year spent on National titles alone.  

Column1Price 2011Price 2010Revenue 2011Revenue 2010Diff ‘000Diff %
Irish Independent€1.90€1.85€77,752,241€79,947,972-€2,195,731-3%
Irish Times€1.90€1.85€56,997,720€59,187,820-€2,190,100-4%
Daily Mirror€1.00€1.00€18,476,952€19,076,616-€599,664-3%
Irish Daily Star€1.40€1.40€35,472,528€39,621,691-€4,149,163-10%
The Sun€1.00€1.00€23,655,528€26,294,424-€2,638,896-10%
Daily Express€0.75€0.75€737,802€788,736-€50,934-6%
Irish Daily Mail€1.00€1.00€15,394,704€15,409,368-€14,6640%
Daily Telegraph€1.30€1.20€1,227,751€1,117,210€110,54210%
Financial Times€2.50€2.50€2,770,560€2,882,100-€111,540-4%
The Independent€1.00€1.00€303,888€318,864-€14,976-5%
The Times€0.90€0.95€634,889€752,560-€117,671-16%