August 2016 ABC Newspaper Circulation

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If there’s one thing we learn from the figures this month, it’s that there’s a particular fickleness to tabloid readers. I said in June that the Sun’s €.50 promotion could have cost the company in the region of €600k in foregone revenue for that month. And you’d expect some ROI on that, but the figure for this month is 1,700 above May and a lonely 34 copies above April.

The Star is on a downward trajectory (see graphic) coming in at 51,900, 600 down on the month. The Mirror manages to hang on to their previous months figure. The graphic also could indicate that the increase in The Sun’s circulation had a direct negative effect on the circulation of The Mirror – from which they have yet to recover. Overall the tabloids are back 6,000 on the month, 15,000 on the year.

Like the sister paper, The Sun on Sunday dropped back 3,200 now that the cover price has doubled from its promotional price. On the bright side The Sunday Times made a decent recovery adding 2,419 on the month.

Mornings down 21,000 and the Sundays down 36,000 on the year.

TitleAug-16Aug-15Jul-16Y/YM/M% Ch Y/Y% Ch Y/Y
Daily Mirror36,54042,26336,589-5,723-49-14%0%
Daily Record353378336-2517-7%5%
Irish Daily Star51,90159,71552,493-7,814-592-13%-1%
The Sun59,81361,36565,625-1,552-5,812-3%-9%
Daily Express2,7942,8952,781-10113-3%0%
Irish Daily Mail41,05546,53842,635-5,483-1,580-12%-4%
The Daily Telegraph2,4332,8252,515-392-82-14%-3%
Financial Times2,1892,2812,314-92-125-4%-5%
The Guardian2,3322,6992,525-367-193-14%-8%
The Times2,9532,8743,06579-1123%-4%
Morning Market202,363223,833210,878-21,470-8,515-10%-4%
Daily Star – Sunday16,40315,73017,104673-7014%-4%
The Sun on Sunday57,59762,67960,840-5,082-3,243-8%-5%
Sunday Mail83080483626-63%-1%
Sunday Mirror25,34329,86225,259-4,51984-15%0%
The People9,80510,9649,968-1,159-163-11%-2%
Sunday Express3,1703,3503,371-180-201-5%-6%
Sunday Post708819799-111-91-14%-11%
The Mail on Sunday79,00778,09579,587912-5801%-1%
The Observer4,4815,0394,983-558-502-11%-10%
The Sunday Telegraph2,0652,5442,248-479-183-19%-8%
The Sunday Times76,04980,60073,630-4,5512,419-6%3%
Sunday     Market275,458290,486278,625-15,028-3,167-5%-1%
Total Market477,821514,319489,503-36,498-11,682-7%-2%