August 2014 Irish Newspaper Circulation

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I had to double take on these sets of results – so used to the doom and gloom at follows the monthly figures like a bad smell that there was a modicum of disbelief and a measure of self-doubt about my ability to use a spreadsheet.

But, no they are the real deal. In August, ever paper under scrutiny, made month on month gains bar the FT and the Mail on Sunday. I couldn’t recall the last time that happened but you can put a lot down to sport. The kick off of the premier league would have helped the tabloids especially who in the morning are up over 4,000. The Championship semi finals in both hurling and football would also have helped them over the line. The Star and The Sun being the big beneficiaries of the new season. 

In the Sundays it was a similar picture with the Sun on Sunday and Sunday Mirror gaining around 6% month on month. It’s a strikingly similar pattern to August 2013 and if that’s the case, those gains will be short lived


Daily Mirror 49,48854,86148,214-5,3731,274-9.8%2.6%
Daily Record528579474-5154-8.8%11.4%
Irish Daily Star61,40968,20459,602-6,7951,807-10.0%3.0%
The Sun62,06467,73360,267-5,6691,797-8.4%3.0%
Daily Express3,0163,3632,981-34735-10.3%1.2%
Irish Daily Mail46,12149,46645,152-3,345969-6.8%2.1%
The Daily Telegraph2,9693,0672,804-98165-3.2%5.9%
Financial Times2,2612,4672,322-206-61-8.4%-2.6%
The Guardian2,9363,2642,757-328179-10.0%6.5%
The Independent       
The Times2,6012,4262,4941751077.2%4.3%
Morning Market233,393255,430227,067-22,0376,326-8.6%2.8%
Daily Star – Sunday20,72723,23719,696-2,5101,031-10.8%5.2%
The Sun/NotW57,22760,40854,121-3,1813,106-5.3%5.7%
Sunday Mail1,0051,178988-17317-14.7%1.7%
Sunday Mirror36,41841,04934,355-4,6312,063-11.3%6.0%
The People13,23115,88213,112-2,651119-16.7%0.9%
Sunday Express3,7194,1393,673-42046-10.1%1.3%
Sunday Post557596552-395-6.5%0.9%
The Mail on Sunday100,111100,181100,453-70-342-0.1%-0.3%
Independent on Sunday 2,779     
The Observer5,6586,1045,282-446376-7.3%7.1%
The Sunday Telegraph2,7702,7792,559-9211-0.3%8.2%
The Sunday Times87,47393,66584,909-6,1922,564-6.6%3.0%
Sunday  Market328,896351,997319,700-23,1019,196-6.6%2.9%