August 2013 ABC Newspaper Circulations

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For the tabloids, August with the start of the premier league couldn’t have come quick enough. A large group of soccer supporters seemingly regained their interest in tabloids this month and in the mix there are probably a scattering of GAA supporters too, loyal to the true faith and not concerned with the ‘foreign game’ at all!

Two big GAA games in August both featuring the metropolitans would have to have definitely added a few copies in the capital. Even the Daily Express, not noted for its GAA coverage, managed an increase in August. Gainers seriously outweighed fallers this month with only six papers showing a decline and eighteen showing an increase.

The Daily Star received the biggest lift gaining over 4,000 and putting it back to a relatively healthy 68,000. The Sun added over 3,000 and the Mirror put on 1,400. In total the morning tabloids gained nearly 9,000 copies – which is not a bad uplift month on month and twice the uplift they received August on July in 2012.

The Sunday tabloids had a decent bounce as well collectively gaining close to 6,000 copies on July. The Sunday Times also had a decent lift of 1,300 but still down close to 8,000 year on year.

Month on month the total market was up 23,000 but down 52,000 year on year.

Daily Mirror 54,86158,08853,455-3,2271,406
Daily Record579710551-13128
Irish Daily Star68,20473,33064,172-5,1264,032
The Sun67,73372,38864,450-4,6553,283
Daily Express3,3633,0623,125301238
Irish Daily Mail49,46650,77747,174-1,3112,292
The Daily Telegraph3,0673,1882,971-12196
Financial Times2,4672,7512,524-284-57
The Guardian3,2643,4763,050-212214
The Independent
The Times2,4262,4592,285-33141
Morning Market255,430271,045244,720-15,61511,673
Daily Star – Sunday23,23731,29522,234-8,0581,003
The Sun/NotW60,40868,17758,032-7,7692,376
Sunday Mail1,1781,1981,156-2022
Sunday Mirror41,04941,39638,324-3472,725
The People15,88218,13116,281-2,249-399
Sunday Express4,1393,9384,227201-88
Sunday Post596701610-105-14
The Mail on Sunday100,181109,768101,632-9,587-1,451
Independent on Sunday
The Observer6,1046,7515,808-647296
The Sunday Telegraph2,7793,0702,737-29142
The Sunday Times93,665101,34492,331-7,6791,334
Sunday  Market349,218385,769343,372-36,55111,573
Total Market604,648656,814588,092-52,16623,246