April 2016 ABC Newspaper Sales

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If you saw last month’s figures you may have been lulled in a false scene of security by some of the numbers. But April is most definitely payback time. The Cheltenham pin-prickers and multiple tabloid purchases have all but disappeared and the tabloids took a knock for 4,400 copies collectively month on month.

The Daily Star took the brunt of that blow shedding 3,000 copies on the month, but, on a positive note, it’s ahead of where it was in February so perhaps the pages thrown at the festival yielded some dividends. Nothing really spectacular happened in the morning market outside that.

TitleApr-16Apr-15Mar-16Y/YM/M% Ch
Daily Mirror38,96342,86539,150-3,902-187-9%
Daily Record287311276-2411-8%
Irish Daily Star54,19359,03057,239-4,837-3,046-8%
The Sun59,77958,03460,9951,745-1,2163%
Daily Express2,5662,5522,454141121%
Irish Daily Mail44,63347,58645,695-2,953-1,062-6%
The Daily Telegraph2,5102,6092,450-9960-4%
Financial Times2,3342,3882,263-5471-2%
The Guardian2,3202,5912,297-27123-10%
The Times2,5682,3792,513189558%
Morning Market210,153220,345215,332-10,192-5,179-5%
Daily Star – Sunday15,49016,07315,022-583468-4%
The Sun/NotW56,80953,02355,5543,7861,2557%
Sunday Mail75472974425103%
Sunday Mirror25,93229,90926,514-3,977-582-13%
The People9,93911,1139,997-1,174-58-11%
Sunday Express2,9983,0762,732-78266-3%
Sunday Post788915866-127-78-14%
The Mail on Sunday83,81392,09184,431-8,278-618-9%
The Observer4,4844,7654,237-281247-6%
The Sunday Telegraph2,1312,1691,943-38188-2%
The Sunday Times77,10783,10177,099-5,9948-7%
Sunday     Market280,245296,964279,139-16,7191,106-6%
Total Market490,398517,309494,471-26,911-4,073-5%

The Sundays don’t ‘do’ Cheltenham and therefore don’t suffer the same cyclical effect. On the surface there were some decent gains, notably with The Sun on Sunday showing a 7% gain month on month.

Other papers of note are the Trinity Mirror group of titles (Mirror and People) who, I think, are beginning to struggle in the Sunday market. The Sunday Mirror started the year at 29,200 and has dropped 3,300 in four months – a decline of 11%.

Only two papers in the market have shown double digit falls in the four months – The Sunday Mirror and Daily Mail. The latter’s figures swing wildly at times through high impact promotions, bulks or both and so that -11% deviation is somewhat accounted for in that.

And on bulks is worth taking stock of who is using that, very legitimate, facility:

ProductTotal AprilMultiples% Bulk
The Mail on Sunday83,8133,9615%
Daily Mail44,6333,6648%
The Sun on Sunday56,8092,1994%
The Sun59,7792,0063%
Financial Times2,3341275%
The Times2,56830%