American Newspaper Circulations 2013

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Today we’re looking at American Newspapers Circulation which were released in the last few days. It’s not a USA centric thing, it’s more that the print sectors march towards digital there is evolving faster (in my opinion) than many of the countries in the world.

The Alliance for Audited Media (akin to the ABC here/UK) monitor a total of 593 newspapers across the States and they allow publishers to amalgamate both their paid copy sales and their digital unique or subscriptions so you can see the brand footprint of a title (neatly avoiding the word “newspaper”!).

The top 23 titles for March 2013 are in the table below and, without getting into data mining, I’ll run through a few takeaways.

  • The biggest brand is the Wall Street Journal having a total circulation of 2.3m. It’s biggest in the print league but second biggest in the digital table, topped for pole position by the New York Times.       
  • USA today dropped into third position, primarily on the back of a 12% decline in its Newspaper Sales.
  • The NYT has the highest digital proportion of total circulation at 61% and that’s behind a paywall.
  • The lowest digital footprint is the Arizona Republic at a paltry 2%
  • Of the twenty three titles under scrutiny the average decline in print was 4% and the average increase in digital was 24% giving an average total circulation increase of 4%.
  • This is up from 27% when the titles were last surveyed in September 2012.
  • It would have to be said that the top papers are the pioneers in digital. Out of the five hundred odd titles surveyed, the average digital proportion is only 19.3% of total circulation across all titles.
2013 2012 +/-+/-+/-
Wall Street Journal1,480,725898,1022,378,8271,499,204794,5942,293,798-1%13%4%38%
New York Times731,3951,133,9231,865,318717,513896,3521,613,8652%27%16%61%
USA Today1,424,406249,9001,674,3061,627,52686,3071,713,833-12%190%-2%15%
Los Angeles Times432,873177,720610,593454,498151,577606,075-5%17%1%29%
New York Daily News360,459155,706516,165383,835146,605530,440-6%6%-3%30%
New York Post299,950200,571500,521344,755178,113522,868-13%13%-4%40%
Washington Post431,14942,313473,462434,69327,535462,228-1%54%2%9%
Chicago Tribune368,14546,785414,930388,84823,112411,960-5%102%1%11%
Denver Post213,830192,805406,635226,118176,446402,564-5%9%1%47%
Newark Star-Ledger180,271160,507340,778184,474127,430311,904-2%26%9%47%
Houston Chronicle231,233102,341333,574234,48391,331325,814-1%12%2%31%
Cleveland Plain Dealer216,12295,483311,605219,50973,630293,139-2%30%6%31%
Minneapolis Star Tribune227,69473,651301,345234,47565,802300,277-3%12%0%24%
Arizona Republic285,9277,048292,975274,783839275,6224%740%6%2%
Chicago Sun-Times184,80177,660262,461192,36070,932263,292-4%9%0%30%
Tampa Bay Times241,02017,099258,119218,33413,610231,94410%26%11%7%
Dallas Morning News190,61365,912256,525192,34564,788257,133-1%2%0%26%
Philadelphia Inquirer184,82767,958252,785193,72943,224236,953-5%57%7%27%
Boston Globe172,04873,524245,572180,91949,432230,351-5%49%7%30%
Honolulu Star-Advertiser125,72668,993194,719125,72229,932155,6540%130%25%35%
Orange County Register159,41115,466174,877160,57815,273175,851-1%1%-1%9%
Las Vegas Review-Journal126,29315,996142,289129,36313,412142,775-2%19%0%11%