ABC Newspaper Circulations May 2013

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One would wonder if the Herald’s shift to the morning is having an effect of the numbers of the tabloids, more specifically the Daily Star. It dropped 1,200 this month and both the Mirror and Sun dropped 1,000. The Daily Mail gained close to 1,000 and the market was down 2,400 on the month and over 20,000 on the year.

The Sunday Daily Star still shows the others how many papers you can sell without any marketing/advertising or any Irish News. Any thoughts of the Sun on Sunday bottoming out were dashed – it dropped a further 1,500. The People fell into the 15’s with the same marketing strategy as the Sunday Star.

The Sunday Times is the big faller this month, dropping a fairly substantial 4,000 which has to be worrying.  Given they were selling 102,000 at the start of the year something is amiss.  

Daily Mirror 52,63156,83853,694-4,207-1,063
Daily Record476597499-121-23
Irish Daily Star65,56872,02266,804-6,454-1,236
The Sun64,14372,61065,203-8,467-1,060
Daily Express2,8702,9172,858-4712
Irish Daily Mail51,73951,71850,91121828
The Daily Telegraph2,8832,9142,895-31-12
Financial Times2,7053,0802,758-375-53
The Guardian3,0793,2373,099-158-20
The Independent795-7950
The Times2,1442,2142,115-7029
Morning Market249,069269,485251,643-20,416-2,574
Daily Star – Sunday22,11725,96222,060-3,84557
The Sun/NotW56,05470,95057,604-14,896-1,550
Sunday Mail1,0081,1251,050-117-42
Sunday Mirror38,00642,35637,552-4,350454
The People15,95819,05516,695-3,097-737
Sunday Express3,7113,0493,422662289
Sunday Post599690602-91-3
The Mail on Sunday103,909105,436107,333-1,527-3,424
Independent on Sunday1,272
The Observer5,9726,2335,877-26195
The Sunday Telegraph2,7552,7472,5548201
The Sunday Times94,510103,02198,864-8,511-4,354
Sunday  Market344,599381,896353,613-37,297-9,014
Racing Post5,616
Total Market593,668656,997605,256-56,280-11,588