ABC Newspaper Circulation September 2017

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The lift seen last month, on the back of the Premier League, dissipated this month – which is a feature of the August/September dynamic. The tabloids lost to various degrees the Daily Star falling the most at 1,700 from their August figure.

The Times (the Ireland edition) is some respects still flatters to deceive. Their certified figure of over 10,000 is aided and abetted in this month’s cert by no fewer than 6,000 in multiple copy sales or bulks. This multiple copies policy started this year in June and has continued since. But this ‘sampling exercise’ looks like it’s paying off: their ABC cert for May ’17 was 2,500 whereas September shows that their paid for sales stand at just over 4,000 copies meaning that their paid for sales have almost doubled since the sampling began.

The Sunday market is static, bar the usual monthly decline.

TitleSep-17Aug-17Sep-16M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror32,17033,55936,644-1,389-4,474-4%-12%
Daily Record290355300-65-10-18%-3%
Irish Daily Star49,78251,48252,314-1,700-2,532-3%-5%
The Sun56,96958,45958,257-1,490-1,288-3%-2%
Daily Express2,5932,5582,61235-191%-1%
Irish Daily Mail37,76141,52642,003-3,765-4,242-9%-10%
The Daily Telegraph2,1322,2052,331-73-199-3%-9%
Financial Times2,3182,1712,382147-647%-3%
The Guardian2,1722,2632,241-91-69-4%-3%
The Times10,08910,4562,686-3677,403-4%276%
Morning Market196,276205,034201,770-8,758-5,494-4%-3%
Daily Star – Sunday14,90815,90415,968-996-1,060-6%-7%
The Sun on Sunday54,21755,87656,574-1,659-2,357-3%-4%
Sunday Mail750772813-22-63-3%-8%
Sunday Mirror22,62022,78224,511-162-1,891-1%-8%
The People8,1928,5839,488-391-1,296-5%-14%
Sunday Express2,9753,3343,027-359-52-11%-2%
Sunday Post512557652-45-140-8%-21%
The Mail on Sunday73,92679,55179,271-5,625-5,345-7%-7%
The Observer4,3264,7224,376-396-50-8%-1%
The Sunday Telegraph1,6991,8511,908-152-209-8%-11%
The Sunday Times75,07976,97577,193-1,896-2,114-2%-3%
Sunday Market259,204270,907273,781-11,703-14,577-4%-5%
Total Market455,480475,941475,551-20,461-20,071-4%-4%