ABC Newspaper Circulation November 2017

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The penultimate ABC for 2017 has been released. Forecasting the outturn for the year as the exclusion of one month won’t make a huge difference at this point it looks as if the market will, again, decline between 7%/8% year on year. The titles examined here are a decent bellwether for the market as a whole, so when the full numbers are released in February for 2017 don’t be aghast at a 7% drop.

In the mornings The Sun and The Irish Daily Mail show the biggest declines month on month at 3%. However, it’s more tinkering with their multiple copy sales that distorts their figures this month and the same would apply for The Times.

In the Sunday market there is little to report there either. The Sunday tabloids were, in the main, all back month on month.

Month on month the market is down 3%, year on year 6%.

TitleNov-17Oct-17Nov-16M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror30,89131,56435,135-673-4,244-2%-12%
Daily Record245271253-26-8-10%-3%
Irish Daily Star47,34947,89249,200-543-1,851-1%-4%
The Sun54,87056,56055,570-1,690-700-3%-1%
Daily Express2,3472,3872,363-40-16-2%-1%
Irish Daily Mail35,15136,32641,340-1,175-6,189-3%-15%
The Daily Telegraph1,9572,0472,185-90-228-4%-10%
Financial Times2,2342,3272,336-93-102-4%-4%
The Guardian2,0262,0642,211-38-185-2%-8%
The Times9,9409,8882,606527,3341%281%
Morning Market187,010191,326193,199-4,316-6,189-2%-3%
Daily Star – Sunday14,00815,00614,869-998-861-7%-6%
The Sun on Sunday52,79553,50154,027-706-1,232-1%-2%
Sunday Mail7457366799661%10%
Sunday Mirror21,18022,25123,778-1,071-2,598-5%-11%
The People8,1227,9309,387192-1,2652%-13%
Sunday Express2,6882,9352,807-247-119-8%-4%
Sunday Post407484617-77-210-16%-34%
The Mail on Sunday69,36676,48178,127-7,115-8,761-9%-11%
The Observer4,1134,2954,613-182-500-4%-11%
The Sunday Telegraph15851,7011,8682568915%5%
The Sunday Times75,80275,68683,697116-7,8950%-9%
Sunday Market250,811261,006274,469-10,195-23,658-4%-9%
Total Market437,821452,332467,668-14,511-29,847-3%-6%