ABC Newspaper Circulation July 2013

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July ABC shows some very small gains in the tabloid sector. The tabloid market is up 500 copies on the month but 18,000 down on the year. The leaderboard changed, yet again, with The Sun now in the premier position.  The Daily Mail looks, on the surface, as if it dropped inexplicably, but its simply smoke and mirrors. Their bulks this month were just over 2,000 as opposed to 7,000 the previous month which accounts for the drop.

On the back of the accounting sleight of hand the morning market is down 4,000 on the month and 22,000 on the year.  

July 13 tabs

It was also particularly stable in the Sundays with no gain or fall over 1,000 and therefore there is little to report! The market is down 4,000 on the month and 66,000 on the year.  

The reader will be delighted to know that in two weeks time you will be able to know what the Irish Times and Indo sold in January when the Island of Ireland report is finally published. 

Daily Mirror 53,45556,39753,364-2,94291
Daily Record551664480-11371
Irish Daily Star64,17272,13564,485-7,963-313
The Sun64,45071,32263,743-6,872707
Daily Express3,1252,9762,920149205
Irish Daily Mail47,17450,11251,520-4,346-4,346
The Daily Telegraph2,9713,0042,883-3388
Financial Times2,5242,8812,586-357-62
The Guardian3,0503,4213,033-37117
The Independent – 0 – 
The Times2,2852,3582,143-73142
Morning Market243,741266,077248,034-22,336-4,293
Daily Star – Sunday22,23428,88422,624-6,650-390
The Sun/NotW58,03268,94557,385-10,913647
Sunday Mail1,1561,187974-31182
Sunday Mirror38,32439,76139,093-1,437-769
The People16,28118,39515,971-2,114310
0 – 
Sunday Express4,2273,8613,591366636
Sunday Post610736591-12619
The Mail on Sunday101,632111,092102,236-9,460-604
Independent on Sunday
The Observer5,8086,6405,678-832130
The Sunday Telegraph2,7373,0042,807-267-70
The Sunday Times92,33199,87992,817-7,548-486
Sunday  Market343,372382,384343,767-39,012-395
Total Market587,113653,704591,801-66,591-4,688