ABC Newspaper Circulation August 2017

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Nothing gives a shot to the arm to a tabloid than the start of the Premier League. Historically the effects are short lived, but a welcome respite to publishers. August saw the beginning of the soccer season across the water and the tabloids got a collective lift of 4% on July but were still down 3% year on year. The Daily Star marginally saw the biggest lift close to a 2,400 increase. In comparison the Daily Mirror only saw an increase of 362 copies.

Turning to the Sunday papers: The Sun on Sunday had a good lift of nearly 2,500 copies. The Mail on Sunday increased by just over 2,000 as well in August. The Sunday Times increase by just over 600 on the previous month.

The market was up by over 11,000 on the month but nearly level year on year.

TitleAug-17Jul-17Aug-16M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror33,55933,19736,540362-2,9811%-8%
Daily Record3553413531424%1%
Irish Daily Star51,48249,10051,9012,382-4195%-1%
The Sun58,45956,14059,8132,319-1,3544%-2%
Daily Express2,5582,6192,794-61-236-2%-8%
Irish Daily Mail41,52640,12741,0551,3994713%1%
The Daily Telegraph2,2052,1592,43346-2282%-9%
Financial Times2,1712,2262,189-55-18-2%-1%
The Guardian2,2632,1932,33270-693%-3%
The Times10,45610,2752,9531817,5032%254%
Morning Market205,034198,377202,3636,6572,6713%1%
Daily Star – Sunday15,90416,42516,403-521-499-3%-3%
The Sun on Sunday55,87653,45557,5972,421-1,7215%-3%
Sunday Mail772843830-71-58-8%-7%
Sunday Mirror22,78223,17725,343-395-2,561-2%-10%
The People8,5838,6179,805-34-1,2220%-12%
Sunday Express3,3342,6193,17071516427%5%
Sunday Post557560708-3-151-1%-21%
The Mail on Sunday79,55177,45779,0072,0945443%1%
The Observer4,7224,5354,4811872414%5%
The Sunday Telegraph1,8511,8022,06549-2143%-10%
The Sunday Times76,97576,31876,0496579261%1%
Sunday Market270,907265,808275,4585,099-4,5512%-2%
Total Market475,941464,185477,82111,756-1,8803%0%