ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation September 2018

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It’s a pattern that is mirrored nearly year – a boost in August and a drift back to normality in September when the gloss has gone off the first few weeks of the soccer season.

The morning market was down -4% this month back from a +4% increase in September. The composition, in this analysis, of the morning market is dominated by the tabloids, the cohort most susceptible to the goings on in the Premier League.

The Sundays continued on the downward trajectory back -3% on the month – the Sunday Mirror and People having a bad month.

Overall market down 3% on the month, 12% on the year.

TitleSep-18Aug-18Sep-17M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror28,69130,21932,170-1,528-3,479-5%-11%
Daily Record259307290-48-31-16%-11%
Irish Daily Star45,01746,55949,782-1,542-4,765-3%-10%
The Sun52,61254,30356,969-1,691-4,357-3%-8%
Daily Express2,3032,4432,593-140-290-6%-11%
Irish Daily Mail30,72732,06837,761-1,341-7,034-4%-19%
The Daily Telegraph1,9682,0742,132-106-164-5%-8%
Financial Times2,2042,1132,31891-1144%-5%
The Guardian2,0292,0772,172-48-143-2%-7%
The Times6,7966,95510,089-159-3,293-2%-33%
Morning Market172,606179,118196,276-6,512-23,670-4%-12%
Daily Star – Sunday13,37013,78014,908-410-1,538-3%-10%
The Sun on Sunday49,58550,53054,217-945-4,632-2%-9%
Sunday Mail685825750-140-65-17%-9%
Sunday Mirror19,54320,64222,620-1,099-3,077-5%-14%
The People7,1747,5968,192-422-1,018-6%-12%
Sunday Express2,6802,8742,975-194-295-7%-10%
Sunday Post333345512-12-179-3%-35%
The Mail on Sunday56,19058,80273,926-2,612-17,736-4%-24%
The Observer4,1154,2814,326-166-211-4%-5%
Sunday Telegraph1,5751,6641,699-89-124-5%-7%
The Sunday Times71,21071,83575,079-625-3,869-1%-5%
Sunday Market226,460233,174259,204-6,714-32,744-3%-13%
Total Market399,066412,292455,480-13,226-56,414-3%-12%

An Aside!

Something that’s a little worrying – should the trend continue; the annual rate of change for the market, in general, has hovered in or around 8% – give or take a newspaper. However, over the past few months, this has fallen into double digits. Let’s not sound the Claxton and dive under the desks just yet – but it’s a digit that should be monitored.