ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation October 2018

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October ABC’s were released earlier and there are no real surprises. The morning tabloids took a 3% hit on the month but the Sunday tabloids had a decent month. The Mail on Sunday gained 7% or 4,000 copies on the month. The people also managed to add 7% albeit 500 copies.

Beneath all the numbers is the worrying underlying trend of the year on year difference. For the past five monthly sets of figures, the year on year difference has fallen into double digits. Again, it’s not time to sound the claxon and dive under the desks, but, however, it’s a figure that is worth watching. You can see from the accompanying chart that you have to go back some way to try and see when it last threatened the double digit zone.

(the two spikes can be explained 1) the world cup 2) a decent month as it was August and comparing titles with bulks who didn’t the previous year!)

diff 2018


TitleOct-18Sep-18Oct-17M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror27,72328,69131,564-968-3,841-3%-12%
Daily Record241259271-18-30-7%-11%
Irish Daily Star43,42545,01747,892-1,592-4,467-4%-9%
The Sun51,48052,61256,560-1,132-5,080-2%-9%
Daily Express2,1002,3032,387-203-287-9%-12%
Irish Daily Mail30,10230,72736,326-625-6,224-2%-17%
The Daily Telegraph1,8581,9682,047-110-189-6%-9%
Financial Times2,1842,2042,327-20-143-1%-6%
The Guardian1,9402,0292,064-89-124-4%-6%
The Times6,6796,7969,888-117-3,209-2%-32%
Morning Market167,732172,606191,326-4,874-23,594-3%-12%
Daily Star – Sunday12,12613,37015,006-1,244-2,880-9%-19%
The Sun on Sunday49,14749,58553,501-438-4,354-1%-8%
Sunday Mail757685736722111%3%
Sunday Mirror20,34919,54322,251806-1,9024%-9%
The People7,6837,1747,930509-2477%-3%
Sunday Express2,5702,6802,935-110-365-4%-12%
Sunday Post3423334849-1423%-29%
The Mail on Sunday60,22656,19076,4814,036-16,2557%-21%
The Observer4,1674,1154,29552-1281%-3%
The Sunday Telegraph1,5561,5751,70128315718%9%
Sunday Times71,77971,21075,686569-3,9071%-5%
Sunday Market230,702226,460261,0064,242-30,3042%-12%
Total Market398,434399,066452,332-632-53,8980%-12%