ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation May 2017

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May circulation figures throw up nothing out of the ordinary this month. In the morning the tabloids are down collectively nearly 7,000 with the Daily Star dropping 2,700 on the month and The Sun not far off that down 2,400. The morning market is down 8,000 driven mainly by the fall in tabloid sales.

Like the morning market, the Sunday market is continuing the downward trend. The Sunday Mirror and People added to their numbers, just shy of 1,000 in both cases. The big loser this month was The Sunday Times falling 2,500 on the month.

TitleMay-1717-AprMay-16M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror33,14234,79239,001-1,650-5,859-5%-15%
Daily Record3032962817222%8%
Irish Daily Star48,93951,63951,847-2,700-2,908-5%-6%
The Sun54,40756,80658,076-2,399-3,669-4%-6%
Daily Express2,5322,5442,485-12470%2%
Irish Daily Mail40,09141,06546,173-974-6,082-2%-13%
The Daily Telegraph2,1612,1942,334-33-173-2%-7%
Financial Times2,2642,3282,234-6430-3%1%
The Guardian2,1602,2622,185-102-25-5%-1%
The Times2,5442,5792,591-35-47-1%-2%
Morning Market188,543196,505207,207-7,962-18,664-4%-9%
Daily Star – Sunday14,90515,76715,386-862-481-5%-3%
The Sun on Sunday51,36452,34757,662-983-6,298-2%-11%
Sunday Mail779781756-2230%3%
Sunday Mirror23,12122,44526,140676-3,0193%-12%
The People8,6568,3009,705356-1,0494%-11%
Sunday Express3,1483,1462,97321750%6%
Sunday Post657701781-44-124-6%-16%
The Mail on Sunday78,11078,11881,104-8-2,9940%-4%
The Observer4,1874,4064,239-219-52-5%-1%
The Sunday Telegraph1,7231,7111,95612-2331%-12%
The Sunday Times77,22379,74373,419-2,5203,804-3%5%
Sunday Market263,873267,465274,121-3,592-10,248-1%-4%
Total Market452,416463,970481,328-11,554-28,912-2%-6%