ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation March 2018

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Very little by way of change this month. The month was kind to the tabloids, particularly the Daily Star which saw its numbers increase by 2,000 on the month. It just shows you the attraction that the sport of kings has on its core readership – it’s no coincidence that a decent month for the paper coincides with the Cheltenham Festival.

Having said that, maybe the steam is running out on that guaranteed circulation lift in March (which I’ll attribute to Cheltenham). This year the combined increase for the tabloids of March over February was 2,300 copies. In 2017 it was 4,600 copies and in 2016 it was 6,700 copies – not more to say on that one!

Elsewhere very little makes the news. The Mail’s offerings are still bulk free, so I’ll take that as a change in policy and will leave it at that. Market up 1% on the month down 6% on the year.

TitleMar-18Feb-18Mar-17M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror29,94930,18334,697-234-4,748-1%-14%
Daily Record24723426013-136%-5%
Irish Daily Star49,54847,40152,3222,147-2,7745%-5%
The Sun55,96255,58456,724378-7621%-1%
Daily Express2,1732,3512,478-178-305-8%-12%
Irish Daily Mail31,79532,24140,004-446-8,209-1%-21%
The Daily Telegraph1,8691,9122,123-43-254-2%-12%
Financial Times2,0442,2742,297-230-253-10%-11%
The Guardian1,8581,9542,122-96-264-5%-12%
The Times6,8096,8152,446-64,3630%178%
Morning Market182,254180,949195,4731,305-13,2191%-7%
Daily Star – Sunday16,01214,81915,4091,1936038%4%
The Sun on Sunday52,72052,67851,713421,0070%2%
Sunday Mail7946086991869531%14%
Sunday Mirror21,08320,84922,395234-1,3121%-6%
The People7,6727,8198,746-147-1,074-2%-12%
Sunday Express2,7562,5252,845231-899%-3%
Sunday Post386401677-15-291-4%-43%
The Mail on Sunday62,32563,24271,831-917-9,506-1%-13%
The Observer4,4804,0134,36146711912%3%
The Sunday Telegraph1,5451,5701,713-25-168-2%-10%
The Sunday Times78,22476,92382,6201,301-4,3962%-5%
Sunday Market247,997245,447263,0092,550-15,0121%-6%
Total Market430,251426,396458,4823,855-28,2311%-6%