ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation February 2018

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The weather at the latter part of February possibly had a small adverse effect on a few of the numbers for February 2018. While the papers published (there are no exceptions in the certs) it’s impossible to know how many retail outlets the managed to get to.

Interestingly the Sun and The Times were big faller’s month on month (-1770 and -2770 respectively) along with the Sunday Mirror (-2870). Conversely the Sundays had a decent month with the Sunday Times adding 1,800 and that includes a small reduction in their bulks standing at 5,700 last month.

Sunday market steady month on month, daily back 3% on January.

TitleFeb-18Jan-18Feb-17M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror30,18331,17734,080-994-3,897-3%-11%
Daily Record234241267-7-33-3%-12%
Irish Daily Star47,40146,37250,7181,029-3,3172%-7%
The Sun55,58457,35954,308-1,7751,276-3%2%
Daily Express2,3512,3772,486-26-135-1%-5%
Irish Daily Mail32,24132,43939,768-198-7,527-1%-19%
The Daily Telegraph1,9122,0032,136-91-224-5%-10%
Financial Times2,2742,3672,314-93-40-4%-2%
The Guardian1,9542,1222,141-168-187-8%-9%
The Times6,8159,5922,448-2,7774,367-29%178%
Morning Market180,949186,049190,666-5,100-9,717-3%-5%
Daily Star – Sunday14,81914,64116,215178-1,3961%-9%
The Sun on Sunday52,67851,64351,6861,0359922%2%
Sunday Mail608687711-79-103-11%-14%
Sunday Mirror20,84923,72323,270-2,874-2,421-12%-10%
The People7,8198,3538,979-534-1,160-6%-13%
Sunday Express2,5252,7902,784-265-259-9%-9%
Sunday Post401411687-10-286-2%-42%
The Mail on Sunday63,24262,87473,112368-9,8701%-13%
The Observer4,0134,1424,423-129-410-3%-9%
The Sunday Telegraph1,5701,5801,703-10-133-1%-8%
The Sunday Times76,92375,07480,3851,849-3,4622%-4%
Sunday Market245,447245,918263,955-471-18,5080%-7%
Total Market426,396431,967454,621-5,571-28,225-1%-6%