ABC Irish Newspaper Circulation April 2017

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April newspaper circulation sees that the morning papers actually increased circulation month on month by just over 1,000. The tabloids held firm on March bar The Star who lost 600 copies. The Daily Mail added over 1,000 without tinkering too much with their bulk figure. The market was up 3% on the month and down 8% on the year.

In the Sundays the tabloids as a group were up around 600 copies with the Sunday People the only title showing a deficit. The Mail on Sunday was up over 6,000 copies with about 1,000 of that from bulks, the rest were retail sales. The Sunday Times had a bad month, even on the face of it. They are back 2,800 copies on the previous month and that after they increase their bulks by just short of 1,000 copies.

Sunday Market was up 1% and down 5% on the previous year.

Title17-Apr16-Mar16-AprM/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror34,79234,69738,96395-4,1710%-11%
Daily Record29626028736914%3%
Irish Daily Star51,63952,32254,193-683-2,554-1%-5%
The Sun56,80656,72459,77982-2,9730%-5%
Daily Express2,5442,4782,56666-223%-1%
Irish Daily Mail41,06540,00444,6331,061-3,5683%-8%
The Daily Telegraph2,1942,1232,51071-3163%-13%
Financial Times2,3282,2972,33431-61%0%
The Guardian2,2622,1222,320140-587%-3%
The Times2,5792,4462,568133115%0%
Morning Market196,505195,473210,1531,032-13,6481%-6%
Daily Star – Sunday15,76715,40915,4903582772%2%
The Sun on Sunday52,34751,71356,809634-4,4621%-8%
Sunday Mail781699754822712%4%
Sunday Mirror22,44522,39525,93250-3,4870%-13%
The People8,3008,7469,939-446-1,639-5%-16%
Sunday Express3,1462,8452,99830114811%5%
Sunday Post70167778824-874%-11%
The Mail on Sunday78,11871,83183,8136,287-5,6959%-7%
The Observer4,4064,3614,48445-781%-2%
The Sunday Telegraph1,7111,7132,131-2-4200%-20%
The Sunday Times79,74382,62077,107-2,8772,636-3%3%
Sunday Market267,465263,009280,2454,456-12,7802%-5%
Total Market463,970458,482490,3985,488-26,4281%-5%