ABC Circulation September 2015

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It’s a study in newspaper purchasing fickleness this month. The circulation ebb and flow in full view for some of the titles with the numbers they picked up last month disappearing.

The Star lost 4,200 in circulation month on month having gained nearly the exact number the month prior to that. The other morning tabloids were, in the words of Churchill, “least worst”. The Sun and Mirror dropped as well, but not as spectacularly as The Star.

The Sun on Sunday also dipped nearly 8,500 copies month on month and the Sunday Mirror dropped 1,300. The Mail on Sunday added nearly 10,000 copies. The rest of the papers remained fairly static on the month. Mornings are down 8,500 on the month and 14,700 on the year. Sundays are down 920 on the month and 30,900 on the year.

TitleSep-15Sep-14Aug-15Y/YM/M% Ch Y/Y
Daily Mirror 40,65248,09942,263-7,447-1,611-15%
Daily Record304469378-165-74-35%
Irish Daily Star55,41761,27159,715-5,854-4,298-10%
The Sun59,54660,48061,365-934-1,819-2%
Daily Express2,6982,8022,895-104-197-4%
Irish Daily Mail45,57545,55945,63316-580%
The Daily Telegraph2,7002,7982,825-98-125-4%
Financial Times2,3472,4352,281-8866-4%
The Guardian2,5542,8262,699-272-145-10%
The Times2,6342,4652,874169-2407%
Morning Market214,427229,204222,928-14,777-8,501-6%
Daily Star – Sunday15,14318,99715,730-3,854-587-20%
The Sun/NotW54,31256,29862,679-1,986-8,367-4%
Sunday Mail800866804-66-4-8%
Sunday Mirror28,54834,44429,862-5,896-1,314-17%
The People10,58412,39610,964-1,812-380-15%
  0 0  
Sunday Express3,2573,4093,350-152-93-4%
Sunday Post816551819265-348%
The Mail on Sunday88,02197,47678,095-9,4559,926-10%
The Observer4,8505,1515,039-301-189-6%
The Sunday Telegraph2,3492,4632,544-114-195-5%
The Sunday Times80,88688,43480,600-7,548286-9%
Sunday   Market289,566320,485290,486-30,919-920-10%
Total Market503,993549,689513,414-45,696-9,421-8%