ABC Circulation October 2015

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The October ABC’s show little signs of excitement, as per normal, bar the dramatic reduction in the sales of the Daily Star Sunday. Between September and October they have dropped by over 40% to just 9,000 copies from 15,000. A drop would either have to be “self imposed” if the publisher decided to alter (dramatically) the distribution of the title or there was a third party involved like a chain dropping them. I’ll dig a little and see.

Most of the morning tabloids saw further falls in their circulation as they move further away from the halcyon days of August and the start of the premier league.

All the other figures are more of less following the same trend as with previous months. Mornings down 4% and Sundays down 10%.

TitleOct-15Oct-14Sep-15Y/YM/M% Ch Y/Y
Daily Mirror 40,13446,52440,652-6,390-518-14%
Daily Record279359304-80-25-22%
Irish Daily Star54,11558,74955,417-4,634-1,302-8%
The Sun58,03158,56359,546-532-1,515-1%
Daily Express2,5792,6602,698-81-119-3%
Irish Daily Mail47,60945,06045,5752,5492,0346%
The Daily Telegraph2,5362,6202,700-84-164-3%
Financial Times2,3352,4742,347-139-12-6%
The Guardian2,4272,6292,554-202-127-8%
The Times2,5022,3002,634202-1329%
Morning Market212,547221,938214,427-9,391-1,880-4%
Daily Star – Sunday9,00618,40615,143-9,400-6,137-51%
The Sun/NotW55,07455,42854,312-354762-1%
Sunday Mail769861800-92-31-11%
Sunday Mirror28,95532,84928,548-3,894407-12%
The People10,89812,18610,584-1,288314-11%
  0 0  
Sunday Express3,0713,3033,257-232-186-7%
Sunday Post1,066516816550250107%
The Mail on Sunday85,41194,47888,021-9,067-2,610-10%
The Observer4,6645,1274,850-463-186-9%
The Sunday Telegraph2,1792,4862,349-307-170-12%
The Sunday Times79,77286,98780,886-7,215-1,114-8%
Sunday     Market280,865312,627289,566-31,762-8,701-10%
Total Market493,412534,565503,993-41,153-10,581-8%