ABC Circulation November 2016

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Less than ten years ago the Irish Daily Star published their ABC cert for July December 2007. It turned in at 112,040 – a record high (or a new high at that point). The paper had been on a winning streak since 2001 when it first crossed the 100,000 threshold and stayed there until the last six months of 2009. November sees another benchmark for the title as it dips below 50,000 for the first time.

I’m trying to single the paper out for special attention or trying to ridicule their efforts. I was in the salt mines when the paper breached 100,000, so their fall below 50,000 somehow resonates with me.

Elsewhere in the morning market the Sun managed to drop 1,000 and The Mirror managed to how its own. The Irish Daily Mail fell 1000 and the morning were back 3,300 or 7% year on year.

Turning to the Sunday Market there was little to report: The Daily Star on Sunday fell 1,000 and the Sunday Sun lost just shy of the same figure. The Sunday Times, according to the numbers, added 3,500 month on month. Their ‘single copy sale’ figure, the one excluding the multiples, was up 2,800 the rest was down to multiples.

Sunday market down 5% year on year.

TitleNov-16Nov-15Oct-16Y/YM/M% Y/Y% M/M
Daily Mirror35,13539,01735,192-3,882-57-10%0%
Daily Record253259281-6-28-2%-10%
Irish Daily Star49,20053,22350,091-4,023-891-8%-2%
The Sun55,57056,08456,649-514-1,079-1%-2%
Daily Express2,3632,4072,436-44-73-2%-3%
Irish Daily Mail41,34046,59242,438-5,252-1,098-11%-3%
The Daily Telegraph2,1852,4792,228-294-43-12%-2%
Financial Times2,3362,3132,39723-611%-3%
The Guardian2,2112,3542,213-143-2-6%0%
The Times2,6062,4882,614118-85%0%
Morning Market193,199207,216196,539-14,017-3,340-7%-2%
Daily Star – Sunday14,8697,06416,3157,805-1,446110%-9%
The Sun on Sunday54,02755,73955,020-1,712-993-3%-2%
Sunday Mail679769733-90-54-12%-7%
Sunday Mirror23,77828,00623,942-4,228-164-15%-1%
The People9,38710,2029,207-815180-8%2%
Sunday Express2,8073,0023,017-195-210-6%-7%
Sunday Post617912617-2950-32%0%
The Mail on Sunday78,12788,75977,723-10,632404-12%1%
The Observer4,6134,6694,636-56-23-1%0%
The Sunday Telegraph1,8682,1491,895-281-27-13%-1%
The Sunday Times83,69781,47580,1362,2223,5613%4%
Sunday     Market274,469282,746273,241-8,2771,228-3%0%
Total Market467,668489,962469,780-22,294-2,112-5%0%