ABC Circulation May 2015

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The May figures are out and show the same pattern as has been apparent for the last few years at this point. The Mirror is sitting on the edge of the 30’s and the other two tabloids are heading (albeit slowly) to the 40’s. The Daily Star lost 2,200 in the month, something it can’t afford to do on a monthly basis. Promotions and a few extra multiple copy sales added close to 4,000 to the Daily Mail’s numbers for the month.

Turning to the Sundays: The People is very close to dipping into four digits dropping 4% on the month and 20% over the year. The Sunday Times dropped 1,500 over the month or 2%. It’s a somewhat surprising figure given the publicity they rightly garnered in publishing the Murphy Dail transcripts on the last Sunday of last month (included in their figure here).

TitleMay-15May-14Apr-15Y o YM o MY % +/-M % +/-
Daily Mirror41,93850,54842,865-8,610-927-17%-2%
Daily Record283438311-155-28-35%-9%
Irish Daily Star56,79962,08059,030-5,281-2,231-9%-4%
The Sun57,59460,87458,034-3,280-440-5%-1%
Daily Express2,5982,8402,552-24246-9%2%
Irish Daily Mail51,56150,02347,5861,5383,9753%8%
The Daily Telegraph2,6882,7682,609-8079-3%3%
Financial Times2,3982,4752,388-7710-3%0%
The Guardian2,6032,8262,591-22312-8%0%
The Independent       
The Times2,4472,2502,379197689%3%
Morning Market220,909237,122220,345-16,213564-7%0%
Daily Star – Sunday15,63719,06016,073-3,423-436-18%-2%
The Sun/NotW53,35854,54153,023-1,183335-2%1%
Sunday Mail789885729-9660-11%7%
Sunday Mirror29,77333,77429,909-4,001-136-12%0%
The People10,63613,34611,113-2,710-477-20%-4%
Sunday Express3,3623,5623,076-200286-6%8%
Sunday Post861559915302-5454%-10%
The Mail on Sunday92,958100,15792,091-7,199867-7%1%
Independent on Sunday       
The Observer5,1435,0924,765513781%7%
The Sunday Telegraph2,4642,3702,169942954%12%
The Sunday Times81,53489,17383,101-7,639-1,567-9%-2%
Sunday   Market296,515322,519296,964-26,004-449-8%0%
Total Market517,424559,641517,309-42,217115-8%0%

May 2015