ABC Circulation July 2018

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July ABC arrived today. A bad month for News UK where all of their titles (bar one) made the ‘top fallers’ list. The Sun on Sunday dropped 1,900, The Sun fell 1,400 and the Sunday Times lost 1,200. Each one of those titles carry and element of ‘bulks’ but their top line figures were not effected through any adjustment of their bulks as they remained the same as last month. However, perhaps they were testing the ‘price elasticity’ of their titles.

Both Sun titles increased their cover prices in July. The Sun from €1.00 to €1.10 (+10%) and the Sun on Sunday from €1.00 €1.20 (+20%). Look at it from a revenue point of view. On given Sunday in June the Sun on Sunday would have taken circa €52,000 at the till. Taking the price rise and the reduction in sales into account, the Sun on Sunday would have taken €60,000 per week in July, an €8,000 increase (€64,000 verses €55,000 for The Sun).

Outside that, little else to report. Morning Market down 13% and Sunday down 12% year on year. The Island of Ireland Report is published on Thursday and will show the bigger picture.

TitleJuly 18June 18June 17M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror29,05428,90433,197150-4,1431%-12%
Daily Record30224134161-3925%-11%
Irish Daily Star44,42545,31849,100-893-4,675-2%-10%
The Sun53,44154,84056,140-1,399-2,699-3%-5%
Daily Express2,3842,2902,61994-2354%-9%
Irish Daily Mail30,20030,34640,127-146-9,9270%-25%
The Daily Telegraph2,0411,9462,15995-1185%-5%
Financial Times2,1322,1212,22611-941%-4%
The Guardian2,0161,9432,19373-1774%-8%
The Times6,9936,86810,275125-3,2822%-32%
Morning Market172,988174,817198,377-1,829-25,389-1%-13%
Daily Star – Sunday14,33113,97516,425356-2,0943%-13%
The Sun on Sunday50,27852,26953,455-1,991-3,177-4%-6%
Sunday Mail74270184341-1016%-12%
Sunday Mirror20,96020,16723,177793-2,2174%-10%
The People7,8877,0828,617805-73011%-8%
Sunday Express2,5832,8172,619-234-36-8%-1%
Sunday Post363364560-1-1970%-35%
The Mail on Sunday60,82260,33577,457487-16,6351%-21%
The Observer4,2174,0854,535132-3183%-7%
The Sunday Telegraph1,6351,6041,80231-1672%-9%
The Sunday Times70,56771,82176,318-1,254-5,751-2%-8%
Sunday Market234,385235,220265,808-835-31,4230%-12%
Total Market407,373410,037464,185-2,664-56,812-1%-12%