ABC Circulation July 2016

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Even if a few papers grace us with figures, the monthly figures still churn away. July ABC’s today and for many a tabloid it’s a drop from the previous month of European football.

The Tabloids are down nearly 4,000 but looking at The Sun it would seem that their pricing promotion pad off this month in recruiting some purchasers as their post promotion July is higher than their pre-promotion May figure by 7,000. The Mail is back 5,000 on the month but you couldn’t attribute that to European football.

The only notable in the Sunday market is the Sunday Sun down 6,000 on the price promotion but, like the daily, ahead on May before the promotion. The Mail on Sunday lost 5,000 on the month and the Sunday Times dropped again this time by 2,300.


TitleJul-16Jul-15Jun-16Y/YM/M% Ch Y/Y% Ch Y/Y
Daily Mirror36,58941,23635,993-4,647596-11%2%
Daily Record336337269-1670%25%
Irish Daily Star52,49355,48053,513-2,987-1,020-5%-2%
The Sun65,62560,54369,1155,082-3,4908%-5%
Daily Express2,7812,7782,57532060%8%
Irish Daily Mail42,63543,87548,199-1,240-5,564-3%-12%
The Daily Telegraph2,5152,7372,386-222129-8%5%
Financial Times2,3142,3252,307-1170%0%
The Guardian2,5252,6042,463-7962-3%3%
The Times3,0652,6562,87940918615%6%
Morning Market210,878214,571219,699-3,693-8,821-2%-4%
Daily Star – Sunday17,10416,19415,3139101,7916%12%
The Sun/NotW60,84054,50766,7676,333-5,92712%-9%
Sunday Mail8361,050723-214113-20%16%
Sunday Mirror25,25929,95724,726-4,698533-16%2%
The People9,96811,4519,346-1,483622-13%7%
Sunday Express3,3713,2963,145752262%7%
Sunday Post799880749-8150-9%7%
The Mail on Sunday79,58782,83885,309-3,251-5,722-4%-7%
The Observer4,9834,8094,97717464%0%
The Sunday Telegraph2,2482,3662,232-11816-5%1%
The Sunday Times73,63078,54175,967-4,911-2,337-6%-3%
Sunday     Market278,625285,889289,254-7,264-10,629-3%-4%
Total Market489,503500,460508,953-10,957-19,450-2%-4%