ABC Circulation January 2018

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The first audit of 2018 appeared earlier. Oddly there were a few surprises in a fairly predictable market. Month on month the Sunday Mirror managed to add 3,000 copies to its tally and the Sunday Times managed a 1,600 increase without any trickery in the bulks department. The Sun added 1,400 on the month and again maintaining the same bulk level as last month.

Conversely, the Mail on Sunday ‘dropped’ 5,200 on December. This doesn’t seem to be fright and flight by the buying public but perhaps more a ‘road to Damascus’ moment for dmg Media.

This month shows a decline for both The Daily Mail (-1,800) and the Mail on Sunday, however, the main cause of the drop is that there are no bulks in either title. Considering that they had combined bulks of close to 9,000 last month it really is a change of direction – should it continue.

The Morning market is back by 7% year on year, Sunday Market down 8% and the total market back 7% on the year. Keep a note of those figures as they will re-emerge next Thursday when the Island of Ireland report arrives!

TitleJan-18Dec-17Jan-17M/MY/Y% M/M% Y/Y
Daily Mirror31,17730,95035,433227-4,2561%-12%
Daily Record241246257-5-16-2%-6%
Irish Daily Star46,37246,51250,940-140-4,5680%-9%
The Sun57,35955,93156,3991,4289603%2%
Daily Express2,3772,3912,501-14-124-1%-5%
Irish Daily Mail32,43934,24744,930-1,808-12,491-5%-28%
The Daily Telegraph2,0032,0782,287-75-284-4%-12%
Financial Times2,3672,3622,4125-450%-2%
The Guardian2,1222,1962,165-74-43-3%-2%
The Times9,59210,0202,533-4287,059-4%279%
Morning Market186,049186,933199,857-884-13,8080%-7%
Daily Star – Sunday14,64115,32214,819-681-178-4%-1%
The Sun on Sunday51,64351,87752,412-234-7690%-1%
Sunday Mail687710715-23-28-3%-4%
Sunday Mirror23,72320,62724,0563,096-33315%-1%
The People8,3537,8718,945482-5926%-7%
Sunday Express2,7902,7922,784-260%0%
Sunday Post411448687-37-276-8%-40%
The Mail on Sunday62,87468,11773,229-5,243-10,355-8%-14%
The Observer4,1424,3174,555-175-413-4%-9%
The Sunday Telegraph1,5801,6791,755-99-175-6%-10%
The Sunday Times75,07473,46481,9251,610-6,8512%-8%
Sunday Market245,918247,224265,882-1,306-19,964-1%-8%
Total Market431,967434,157465,739-2,190-33,772-1%-7%