ABC Circulation December 2013

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December is always a bad month for sales and this year is no different. The tabloids took a beating last month dropping 10,000 over the month. The big faller was The Mirror leaving 5,600 behind on November. The Sun fell into the 50’s pit for the first time and The Daily Star hung on by a very narrow 400 copies. With the inclement weather we had last month, I can’t expect that these figures will rebound as much as they have historically in January.

In the Sunday market the Sun lost over 3000 on the month with the rest of the tabloids holding onto what they had in November. The Sunday Times slipped again, this time by over 2,000 and leaves it on 92,000. 

The “Annus horribilis” award goes jointly to the same stable: Sunday People -16% Daily Mirror -15% Sunday Mirror –14% all compared to December 2012. 

If we were commenting on a fast passed industry, I’d be analysing the final six month ABC figures for the market as a whole. But we’re dealing with some sections of the print media still clinging to the ideals of the Gutenberg press, so it will be next month before we have all the data necessary to complete the Irish Newspaper picture for 2013.

Daily Mirror 47,37655,91353,002-8,537-5,626
Daily Record420477418-572
Irish Daily Star60,32766,94163,746-6,614-3,419
The Sun59,60665,71460,756-6,108-1,150
Daily Express2,7362,6892,82147-85
Irish Daily Mail50,90148,67251,1822,229-281
The Daily Telegraph2,7832,8022,697-1986
Financial Times2,5292,8652,506-33623
The Guardian3,0173,1752,956-15861
The Independent0
The Times2,0972,0652,0563241
Morning Market231,792251,313242,140-19,521-10,348
Daily Star – Sunday20,20723,36020,302-3,153-95
The Sun/NotW53,16356,74956,263-3,586-3,100
Sunday Mail9031,055878-15225
Sunday Mirror35,08240,71635,690-5,634-608
The People14,04416,68814,658-2,644-614
Sunday Express3,2683,4583,211-19057
Sunday Post549627553-78-4
The Mail on Sunday100,128106,851101,910-6,723-1,782
Independent on Sunday
The Observer5,5746,2205,598-646-24
The Sunday Telegraph2,4442,5592,461-115-17
The Sunday Times92,23398,13294,522-5,899-2,289
Sunday  Market327,595356,415336,046-28,820-8,451
Racing Post5,580
Total Market559,387607,728578,186-48,341-18,799