UK SEO Changes under Caffeine

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Further to the post yesterday and whilst I am waiting for some updates, I decided a look over the pond might be in order. If we thought that our market was competitive for car insurance, then the UK would take your breath. Flick through any of the Golds or Paramount channels and you will see an array of direct and comparison sites for Car insurance vying for eyeballs. Anyway, I did the same as yesterday and took the top sites currently appearing in to see where they would end up, if and only if, the Caffeine formula was applied in its current format. Mr Cutts suggests that when it is applied that it will be a “fundamentally big change” – so we might as well see that the possible outcomes would be so that we can either begin to try and see why the movements are taking place. Taking the top 30 results in under ‘car insurance’ the outcome under Caffeine would be:


Stationary 6
Down 6
Increased 12
Joined top 305
Left top 305

Trying to gauge the ‘volatility’ of this movement is particularly difficult. Just how volatile was the change? Adding the sum of the difference (the sum of the absolute changes between Google and Caffeine) yields a negative number – not that I would read too much into that as some of the changes were so severe that they throw up a negative number that you would never recover from. But still the burning Question: What element of this formula allows Aviva to hold court at #4 now and plummet to #62 overnight in the proposed change. What does it hold in its arsenal now that will be deemed a ‘dirty bomb’ in the new formula. And, more importantly, is that really fair? As for the Post Office and the Co-Op Bank they have been hung, drawn and quartered for their misdemeanours.