RTE Web Statistics October 2012

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The October RTE web stats dropped in today showing that the broadcaster had a 6% rise in daily traffic over the year although its daily page impressions were down close to two percent- more volume, slightly less engagement. But, on average each person looks at about eight pages per visit.   

Curiously, their streams were down substantially, with the average daily AV plays dropping 34% in the year. You can do all the theorising you like as to that statistic and not knowing enough behind the core stats, I’m not going to attempt even an educated guess.

The really interesting part of the figures come in the split between the web based browser and the app. Now, I think that at this point it’s worth throwing this out: The app is just that – straightforward enough. The web based viewing would be pc and smartphone via the web and likewise any tablet via a browser. Not that it makes much difference, but I’d like to see a split between desk based and phone or tablet.

The App based visits now account for 30% of the total visits, up from 18% last year. But the app user accounts for 50% of the sites page impressions. The “app” visitor views 15 pages per visit compared to six for the desk chained visitor. Even given those differences the app page views are down 26% and they pages per visit are down from nearly 20 per visit. 

Serverd:Oct-12May-12%Oct-11Oct V Oct
Total Browsers 443,993100%415,808100%419,054100%6.00%
Total Page Impressions3,910,703100%3,780,803100%3,978,646100%-1.70%
Pages Per Browser8.819.099.49
AV Plays177,066209,193268,752-34.10%
Requested Downloads22,38622,43740,168-44.30%
Total Web Browsers 310,25770%304,83473%342,53882%-9.40%
Total Web Page Impressions1,947,89050%2,031,83754%2,457,38662%-20.70%
Pages Per Browser6.286.677.17
Total App Browsers 133,73630%110,97427%76,51618%74.80%
Total App Page Impressions1,962,81350%1,748,96646%1,521,26038%29.00%
Pages Per Browser14.6815.7619.88