RTE web audit October 2012

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Stuck in the ABC data yesterday was the web data for rte.ie and interesting reading it makes. The audit is for October 2012 and we have comparative data for October 2011.

The state broadcasters site is visited on average by 443,000 unique browsers (roughly equivalent to people) every day and 4.8m browsers every month. There are 3.9m pages read every day and 121m every month.

Compared to last year the total number of unique visitors is up 6% but their engagement has slipped marginally as the total number of pages viewed per day is down 2% both per day and per month. The number of pages viewed per visit dropped from 9.5 to 8.8 per day (-7%).

The audit splits the browsers into web and ‘app’* and it clearly shows that the ‘app’ is crucial to attracting visitors. App visitors now account for 30% of total visitors but 50% or all page impressions. App visitors are up 75% year on year and app page impressions are up 29%. Conversely, whilst there 57,000 more app visitors year on year, those using the apps to access the RTE’s website are viewing significantly less pages, 25% less – more visors but less engagement.

This increase in mobile access has lead, I’d suggest, to the marked drop in both requested downloads and AV plays.

According to the ABC, an app is: “A program with a clearly defined purpose typically referred to as an app when installed on a handheld device”. So, you can assume from the explanation that rte.ie being accesses directly, not via their app, is included in the all web browser figure – which is misleading and underestimates mobile access to their site.

All Browsers – Daily443,993100%419,054100%6%
Page Impressions – Daily3,910,703100%3,978,646100%-2%
Pages Per Browser – Daily8.89.5-7%
Web Browsers  – Daily310,25770%342,53882%-9%
Web Page Impressions – Daily1,947,89050%2,457,38662%-21%
Pages Per Browser – Daily6.37.0-10%
App Browsers  – Daily133,73630%76,51618%75%
App Page Impressions – Daily1,962,81350%1,521,26038%29%
Pages Per Browser – Daily1520-25%
All Browsers – Monthly4,836,963100%4,563,632100%6%
Page Impressions – Monthly121,231,805100%123,338,034100%-2%
Pages Per Browser – Monthly25.127.0-7%
Web Browsers  – Monthly4,344,12370%4,344,89482%0%
Web Page Impressions  – Monthly60,384,59250%76,178,98962%-21%
Pages Per Browser  – Monthly13.917.5-21%
App Browsers  – Monthly492,84030%218,73818%125%
App Page Impressions – Monthly60,847,21350%47,159,04538%29%
Pages Per Browser – Monthly123.5215.6-43%
Requested Downloads22,38640,168-44%
AV Plays177,066268,752-34%