ABC Digital 2014


We’ve had no toys to play with lately, until this email dropped in from the ABC announcing the certification of our own based on traffic in July 2014. Their last cert was released in March 2012 so in the intervening thirty two months something must have changed! And as much as that “thirty two […]

October 2014 Irish Newspaper ABC Circulation

The euphoria of the English premier league was short lived with the tabloids actually below where they were before the kick of a ball. Both The sun and The Star are at 58,000 and the Mirror at 46,000. In total the tabloids are down 6,600 month on month and nearly 17,000 on the year. The […]

JNLR 2014 Q3 Station Programmes

Here’s a look at the individual stations and how each of their daytime slots compare with last year. This time out the listenership of each station is compared to the previous three years to give you a good overview of how the station is doing over the surveys.  To make things a little easier, the […]

JNLR 2014 Q3 National Listenership

The listenership picture for radio has remained fairly static over the last few surveys with radio listenership remaining at 83%. In this survey this represents 2.9m people tuning in to one station or another every day. RTE1 dropped 24,000 listeners or 3% but is still listened to by 23% of the population daily (down 1% […]

JNLR 2014 Q3 Top Thirty

This year, like every year, the Top 30 is a mixed bag. Still the biggest draw in the radio landscape is Morning Ireland with a reach of 429,000 people every morning which is 12% of the population its down 19,000 on 2013Q3 or 4%.  This is followed by Liveline at 382,000 and its sees a […]

JNLR 2014 Q3 Dublin Listenership

Looking at Dublin the listenership of any radio has increased marginally both over the twelve months and book on book. Listenership in the capital is static at an 80% reach, which is  equivalent to 815,000 listeners every day in the 2014Q3 survey. But underneath this metric lie some very interesting details. Below is a table […]