JNLR 2013 Q4 National Listenership

The National picture has been more or less static in terms of overall Radio listenership for the past few surveys. In this survey it’s down from a 84% reach to 83% reach on the same period last year but stable on the previous survey.  Looking at the individual stations RTE1 dropped 19,000 listeners but kept […]

JNLR 2013 Q4 Dublin Listenership

Dublin listenership has slipped yet again and is now at a reach of 79% or 803,000 listeners. Actually the listenership in the capital has either been briefly static or in decline since the survey of 2011 Q1 which is eleven surveys back at this point. There’s very little to indicate the reason for the decline […]

Pat Kenny’s Potential Audience

This is a bit of number crunching and speculation around the Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk. There are two things we know: we know where they are and we know where they were! Using that, a few sums and a bit of educated guesswork, we’re going to see where Pat Kenny might be hitting audience […]

JNLR 2013 Q4 Station Programmes

Here we take a look at the individual stations and their programmes and how they compare to the same survey last year. This comparison is the twelve months to December 2013 compared to the twelve months to December 2012. This year like others there will be differences in the comparative figures. The 2013 Q4 figure […]

JNLR 2013 Q4 Top 30

This is the top 30, and to be honest shakes up a bit of interest and it’s the portion of the survey that the rest of the media, mainly print media, pick up on. The big gains come from the two Sport slots on RTE at the weekend and Claire Byrne on a Saturday. It’s […]

JNLR 2013 Q4 Local Stations

Home local 13 4

Much like previous surveys, local area franchises remain as they were. Except there are two large fallers this survey. Galway Bay dropped 25,000 and thirteen percentage points and Tipp FM dropped 13,000 and ten percentage points. To counter this there were no huge gains either, the largest being East Coast with 3,000. As you can […]

Saturday lift for the Tabloids

Just a small bit of information regarding the differences between the Monday to Friday Sales and a Saturday sale for the various papers. The ABC will break out the Saturday and non Saturday sale. Even if the Guardian and Telegraph are coming from a low base, the lift is still fairly impressive and would indicate […]

ABC E Numbers December 2013

Mirror abc dec 2013

Interesting numbers from the ABC, but this time it’s their ‘e’ numbers. Ever since The Sun went behind the paywall, with moderate success, we’ve kept an eye on web traffic for The Mirror to see how it fairs without that competition. They’ve had a decent month breaking through the 2m mark, but still a good […]


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ABC Circulation December 2013

December is always a bad month for sales and this year is no different. The tabloids took a beating last month dropping 10,000 over the month. The big faller was The Mirror leaving 5,600 behind on November. The Sun fell into the 50’s pit for the first time and The Daily Star hung on by […]


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JNLR Research Every quarter we analyse the latest JNLR radio results. You can have a look at the latest results here.

JNLR Q1 2014

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Research Results Q1 2014 All the latest results from the JNLR can be seen here.