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Get in Touch Best way is via email: you can get all the contact details and some background here

ABC Circulation 6 Months

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Six Monthly Circulation 2013 Finally, the last remaining papers surrendered their secrets. You’ll find the July Dec 2013 here

ABC Circulation April 2014


April ABC Circulation The certificate for April 2014 is released and, for those that participate, their figures are available here

ABC Circulation Monthly

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ABC Circulation Monthly For the papers that produce a monthly ABC certificate you’ll find regular analysis and comment here.

Website Audits

It’s a root and branch look at your site to see if it conforms to ‘best practice’ and that nothing on the site is hindering it getting good positions in Search Results.  After the audit, you will know everything there is to know about your site (from a search perspective) and, based on the findings, […]

Search, PPC and Analytics

If you feel that your site is under-performing in comparison to your competitors, then it could be time to look at optimising your site for search and we can help. I am Adwords Google certified and Analytics Certified. If you are thinking of running a PPC campaign, then I can assist you. If you want to […]