Sunday Newspaper Circulation Circulations July Dec 2011

Sunday Market 2010

The Sunday ABC’s very much reflect the demise of the News of the World during the year with only some of the papers gaining on the back of the closure.  With that the Sunday market is down 114,000 copies year on year or 11%– which is still not equal to the sale of the NoW […]

Irish Morning Newspaper Circulations July Dec 2011

Morn 2010

The morning market declined by 6% to 552,000 copies every day. It’s better than the Sunday story, but the morning market still has the same participants as last year unlike the Sunday market. As a group, the tabloids are the real sufferers in the morning market accounting for over half of the drop in circulations. […]

Evening Newspaper Circulations July Dec 2011

evening 2011 JD

There really is very little to say in a two horse race. The Herald is down 5% to 62,000 and the Echo back 13% and into the teens  at 18,600. It is the dying market of the newsprint industry. A glance at the chart below tell of the fortunes of the Evening newspaper Market where […]

Circulations and Revenue

Yet another way to look at the figures is, interestingly, through generated revenue. It should be noted that these are revenues ‘at the till’ and not the revenues accruing to the publisher. Also they are, unfortunately, including bulks as its impossible to guess what figure to put on the bulk sales. But, given those partial […]

Irish Regional Circulations July Dec 2011

A much depleted field than in normal years, with only twenty-five papers opting to produce an audited figure. Last Thursday IN&M announced that although their regional titles had been audited, they would not be auditing their twelve regional papers from here on in. Seemingly the ABC audit figures “did not resonate with local advertisers”. What […]

Sun On Sunday Launch

Sunday tabs

There would have been quite a few of the publishing groups caught on the hop by News internationals statement that it was to go to a seven day edition starting this Sunday. Many observers on Friday were pencilling in mid April for the launch after Rupert Murdoch suggested that Sunday title would launch ‘soon’. We […]

Magazines ABC 2010

A small bit on the Magazines that were in yesterdays ABC’s and there is little else to add!  Title 2011 2010 +/- % All Ireland Kitchen Guide 4,297 5,186 -889 -17.1% Auto Trader – Republic of Ireland 9,171 17,401 -8,230 -47.3% Business Plus 10,453 10,022 431 4.3% Confetti 5,563 5,678 -115 -2.0% Easy Food 26,363 […]

IN&M pulls out of Regional ABC audit

Indo ABC

You can look at a websites analytics and see who, at that moment in time, is looking at the site, where they came from, how many pages they’ve viewed and so on. You can use other software, such as Zopim for example, to communicate instantly with any of the people on line. That’s the type […]

JNRS 2011

Nine fallers and four managed a gain in the latest JNRS released today. The Irish Independent and the Mirror share the stage (probably for the first time), but both for very different reasons. The Mirrors accolade was that it grew 11% in readership year on year and on the other hand the Irish Independent lost […]

European Internet usage December

    Country Visitors (000)  (%) Rank  Ave Hours per Visitor Rank Ave Pages per Visitor Rank2 World-Wide 1,444,092 24.4 13 2,354 13 Europe 381,546 27.5 5 2,935 5 Russian Federation 53,345 38% 17 25.1 11 2,792 7 Germany 51,008 62% 8 25.2 10 2,885 6 France 43,009 66% 5 27.5 5 2,786 8 United […]

Another Superinjunction? MKII

I have every sympathy for the guy, who has, must, remain nameless. On the basis that there is an on-going legal wrangle and the fact that I was on the receiving end of some “correspondence” from his “advisors”, I’ll tread lightly. Not because of the correspondence (which, by the way, was replied to and legalled from this […]

Irish Newspaper Circulation January 2012

Before we’re all lulled into a false sense of hope, it should be pointed out that historically there is always an uplift in January sales in comparison to December. So, true to form, the market is up over 33,000 month on month. The only sales (due to this natural uplift) worth pointing out would be […]

Augmented Reality and print

aurasma daily tele

Another “innovation” that should/might/probably won’t be adapted by the print media, although they are in a prime position to do so. It’s all to do with what’s called Augmented Reality and aided by Image recognition. The principal is straightforward enough, although I’d suggest that the technology is not. It’s similar in function to QR codes, […]

JNLR Data Comparisons

sur 1

On the issue comparisons and the JNLR, I am perhaps a lone voice on a particular topic- the comparisons. Every quarter the figures are issued and there is great emphasis placed on the falls and the gains. But they draw their data from two overlapping surveys. This means that the comparative surveys are using the […]