JNLR Q2 2011 Local Stations

The local stations have varying penetration ranging from Highlands 67% to East Coasts 23%. But still in top spot is Highland with a fairly commanding lead.  The only real movements were KCLR up 7 points and ocean up 6. On the other side of that coin TippFM was down 6 points and LMFM down 5.   

Highland Radio6769-2
Radio Kerry51501
WLR FM49472
Ocean FM49436
Limericks Live 954851-3
Shannonside/Northern Sound47470
Clare FM46442
Tipp FM4349-6
Northern Sound39
Midlands 1033742-5
Southeast Radio36360
Galway Bay FM3641-5
East Coast FM2325-2

JNLR Q2 2011 Dublin Figures

Dublin market whilst very crowded, it’s actually fairly static. In the list below there has only been two one changes in the order: 2FM down and Newstalk up.  

2FM lost about a quarter of its listeners in the capital and is now firmly rooted, like Wolves last year,  to the bottom of the table. Actually, things are so bad at the station (and no offence is intended here) that they are only 37,000 listeners away from Lyric FM. The original populist station is fast approached by the specialist Lyric.

Big gains for both Newstalk and FM104. Q102 will have to wait for another quarter to overtake 98FM.  4FM doesn’t rate in Dublin and Phantom is still unable to keep listeners.   

Any Radio82786%83085%-3
Any Region50753%49351%14
Any National46048%46748%-7
Any RTE Radio35837%38039%-22
Any RTE1/2FM/Lyric35737%38039%-23
RTE Radio 129631%28429%12
FM 10420621%18219%24
Spin 103814215%13914%3
Today FM889%9710%-9
RTE 2FM859%11412%-29
RTE Lyric FM475%525%-5
Sunshine 106.8344%354%-1
Phantom 105.2FM222%273%-5
Other Region81%71%1

JNLR Q2 2011 National Figures

The latest JNLR figures hold no real surprise in some quarters. Radio listenership, whilst still particularly healthy with a 85% penetration, has dropped back a little on last year’s comparable figures.

Radio2011201120102010000 +/-
Any Radio297985%302486%-45
Any National161046%167848%-68
Any RTE Radio122835%129937%-71
RTE Radio 187325%85824%15
RTE 2FM40411%50614%-102
RTE Lyric FM1073%1123%-5
Today FM44413%47714%-33
Any Region204558%204958%-4
Home Local159345%161746%-24
Other Region2417%2808%-39

Most of the Donnybrook stations took a knock but 2FM seems to be firmly on the ropes at this point managing to drop 102,000 listeners in the twelve months. That equates to massive 20% of it’s listenership. You’d have to muse that were it not backed by public money what would its fate be?

Newstalk put on 21,000 listeners but outside them and RTE1 nobody managed to report a gain.