On Page Optimisation


On Page Optimisation is where all the information gathered in earlier parts of the process guide us as to how we should construct the actual pages. Each page should, ideally, act as a “landing page” so try and forget the notion that the “home page” is the one to be optimised. It will be optimised […]

Site Audit


In looking at a site with the site analysis or site audit hat on there are a number of areas that you would want to concentrate on. Below are listed some of the areas that should be analyised. Crawling and indexing: How many pages have been indexed and how many pages are there on the […]

Keyword Research


Keyword Research is the next stage of the process. Having compiled a list of industry terms in our first pass and then seen, through the competitor analysis, which terms your closest competitors are aiming for, we are now beginning to build up a lexicon of words specific to a particular industry. But while you will […]

Irish Newspaper Circulation April 2010

A marginal decrease in the mornings this month. Taking into account the ‘disruption’ in the buying cycle for Easter and School holidays – its not a bad result.  However the year on year picture is very bleak. The tabloids account for 24,000 of the 29,000 drop in the market year on year. Just how much […]