07 – On Page Optimisation

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On Page Optimisation is where we start tackling the page features of the site to make each page more appealing to search engines. We look at the title tags, descriptions and the body copy to ensure that particular keywords are highlighted and featured. We also look at certain design aspects to discover if your site […]

06 – Report Findings

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At this point it’s a well to report what has been found in the initial stages. It’s important that there is a clear understanding and agreement of what’s going to happen next and that all parties are in agreement as to the work to be carried out. The analysis for the first part may indeed […]

05 – Site Analysis

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We conduct a detailed analysis on the site from a technical standpoint. It looks at a large number of technical aspects including the number pages already indexed in the search engines, the quality of those pages, the relevance of the pages. We look for all the reasons that a technical glitch might be hindering the […]

04 – Keyword Research

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Our basic keywords are the ones we established in the first part of the process. On completion of the competitor analysis we should have added to our lexicon. We then look at each keyword to see what the estimated traffic volumes associated with each word and begin to trawl for other both high and lower […]

03 – Competitor Analysis

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The Competitor Analysis is will focus in the sites that are competing for search share. We analyse why these site are ranking above you for certain terms. We look at their keyword strategy, their linking strategy and we look at their social media strategy. Read On…

02 – Search Engine Ranking

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We complete a detailed report on where the site appears in the search engines currently and who and where the main competition is. This report acts as a benchmark for the site and also helps establish realistic deliverables based on where the site appears at the moment. Read On…

01 – Initial Analysis

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Firstly is an analysis of your market and your competitors (both off line and online). We begin to get agreement on some basic industry terms and expressions so that we can do our initial keyword analysis. Read On…