SEO Process

Before you can do anything in search or indeed make any recommendations to a web owner you have to do a root and branch analysis of a site. Each site will have its own structure and its own set of complexities. But you are nearly assured that you will scrutinise the points below: [module-194]

Search Engine Ranking

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One of the early parts of the SEO process, and of a site audit, is to establish where the site under scrutiny lies is the search rankings. Initially we would use the keywords we arrived at in the initial assessment of the site. Whilst these keywords are in no way the definitive list, they will […]

Initial Background Analysis

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Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the site audit and the Search Optimisation itself, it’s very important to get some background on the business and the market. The client would normally brief us on the market and the business. We would establish who the main “off line” competitors are and get to […]