JNLR Radio Research National 2010-4

Looking at the National Listenership figures, one would think that RTE, as a whole, was having a torrid time dropping 39,000 in their combined listenership. But its only one station in the stable that’s making it look so bad – 2FM. Last quarter in 2011 it lost 60,000 listeners compared to the same quarter in […]

JNLR Radio Research Local Stations 2010-4

This is the place we can dole out a few Radio Oscars! The regional listenership is normally a fairly static affair, but this year it’s thrown up a few surprises – good ones as well. For this analysis, we decided to look both at their local reach in percentage terms and also in actual numbers. […]

JNLR Radio Research Dublin 2010-4

The last quarter of 2010 shows, like the first quarter, very little has changed to the capitals radio listening habits. They still, en masse, like Radio 1, they are still jettisoning 2FM in their droves and, if you’re not tuned into Radio 1, you have to be too young and are instead listening to FM104 […]