JNRS 2010

The latest figures for the readership for many of the Irish Newspapers were released today ‘000 % ‘000 % 2010 2010 2009 2009 +/- +/- Morning Titles Irish Independent 539 15.3% 581 16.5% -42 -1.2% The Irish Times 339 9.6% 369 10.5% -30 -0.9% Irish Examiner 175 5.0% 208 5.9% -33 -0.9% Irish Daily Star […]

Irish Regional Newspaper Circulations July-December 2010

In the regional department only four paid titles managed to stay the right side of last years figure. In the main the local papers in and around the Leinster region seem to have faired out the worst (Callow People –22%, Leinster Leader –19% Fingal Independent – 15% etc). Each of the regional’s will have their […]

JNLR (Joint National Listenership Research) 2010 Local Radio

In terms of the overall health of the listening market within the local franchises, that figure varies considerably across the counties. In the OceanFM franchise – Donegal South/Sligo/Nth Leit – the listened to any radio yesterday figure is 95% whereas in the East Coast FM area, Wicklow, that figure plummets to 79%. Many a thesis […]

JNLR (Joint National Listenership Research) 2010 Cork Stations

Cork’s story is that it saw some of the biggest swings in the major franchises. The listened to yesterday for Cork was 81% down from 85% the previous 12 months (21,000 listeners). 2Fm, again, lost out as did 96FM which dropped a fairly substantial 4% points. The C103  gain in share helped the combined figure […]

JNLR (Joint National Listenership Research) 2010 Dublin Stations

Turning the attentions to the Dublin area, the runners and riders are listed below, as is there form to date. Dublin – Yesterday 2010 2010 2009 2009 +/- +/- R% S% R% S% R% S% RTÉ Radio 1 29 30.5 30 32.8 -1.0 -2.3 RTÉ 2FM 10 7.0 12 8.3 -2.0 -1.3 RTÉ Lyric FM […]

Irish Morning Newspaper Circulations July-December 2010

Well, finally. The fast paced world of print has finally decided to publish figures. We can now reveal that the sale of the Irish Times in July 2010 was 98,847 copies a day. So, if you ran a campaign with that publication or any of the other laggards (in terms of publishing meaningful audited figures) […]

Irish Sunday Newspaper CirculationsJuly-December 2010

The Sunday market is where the recent focus has been with the closure of one paper and another in receivership. The Sunday Tribune (ST) didn’t file an ABC for the last half of 2010. There’s a cost involved there and perhaps the receiver felt that until another buyer was found (or not) the money would […]

Irish Newspaper Circulations January 2011

The first month of the year and we see a little mistake on a other than unblemished tome. The people at the Mail, who “passed off” as another paper last weekend have no ABC certificate this month. The ABC’s extremely efficient PR agency in Blighty said: The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday circulation data […]

JNLR Radio Research National 2010-4

Looking at the National Listenership figures, one would think that RTE, as a whole, was having a torrid time dropping 39,000 in their combined listenership. But its only one station in the stable that’s making it look so bad – 2FM. Last quarter in 2011 it lost 60,000 listeners compared to the same quarter in […]

JNLR Radio Research Local Stations 2010-4

This is the place we can dole out a few Radio Oscars! The regional listenership is normally a fairly static affair, but this year it’s thrown up a few surprises – good ones as well. For this analysis, we decided to look both at their local reach in percentage terms and also in actual numbers. […]

JNLR Radio Research Dublin 2010-4

The last quarter of 2010 shows, like the first quarter, very little has changed to the capitals radio listening habits. They still, en masse, like Radio 1, they are still jettisoning 2FM in their droves and, if you’re not tuned into Radio 1, you have to be too young and are instead listening to FM104 […]