JNLR September 2010 Irish National Radio

The JNLR for the period October 2009 to September 2010 has been released. Before we delve into the figures, these two facts should be considered. In many cases (even the official B.A.I. press release) comparisons are generally made between figures 12 months to the third quarter 2010 and the 12 months to the second quarter […]

JNLR September 2010 – Dublin Radio Stations

Evening loosing 2% points in Dublin, RTE 1 is still the dominant player in the market and by nearly 100,000 pairs of ears. FM104 is its nearest rival in the capital at a reach of 189,000 people followed by Spin at 140,000 how have vaulted a place to second over the past 12 months. But […]

JNLR September 2010 – Regional Stations

Turning our attention to the regional stations, some have had a better 12 months than others. Still the outright leader in this league table is Highland with a fairly formidable 69% reach. The three stations bordering capital are at the bottom of the table and it would be simply down to competition in the Greater […]

Irish Newspaper Circulation September 2010

September, brings a form of normality, if you’re a Circulation Manager anyway. That particular creature likes school, school runs and no summer holidays. Circulation people look with distain at tomes analysing the Chaos Theory. They just want calm and trends and straight line regression analysis. Month on month September does answer some of their prayers. […]