Irish Newspaper Circulation revenues

As it a calendar year it a good time to look at over numbers – but the ones that count – €’s. Looking at the circulation figures and the cover price of the respective papers – we can see the how the shift in numbers affects the top-line. There are a few caveats to this […]

Irish Newspaper Circulation December 2009

The last month of the year shows no improvements. The Redtops had a bit of a disaster – possibly down to poor distribution due to the adverse weather and also as a huge amount sporting events were cancelled – a big draw for their readers. The Daily Star was back over 5,000 month on month […]

Regional Newspaper Circulation July Dec 2009

This is a bit text heavy – but struggle on!  Without going through each title line by line the topline data can be summarised as follows:    Papers no longer having a figure for July Dec 2009 are not necessarily defunct, many have opted out of the ABC audit for their own individual reasons.    In July/Dec […]