Newspaper Circulations September 2009

Like it never happened and not a mention of it anywhere -‘like the orphan child’ as they used to say. One day your group has a combined circulation in the Republic of 6,400 (nothing ecstatic I know, but still..). Then the next month it’s a combined 1,400 – but not a jot about it! Is […]

Irish Internet Statistics from Eurostat

EuroStat, the research body for Europe, published some interesting comparative figures in late September, which I finally get to comment on (not that the boffins in the EU are holding their breaths waiting for my comments!). The survey was conducted in the EU 27 countries and a further four countries to cover a ‘euro zone’. […]

Standard Stuff Really

The London Afternoon/Evening market has how (as of Monday) become a completely free model with the last bastion of cash, The Evening Standard, giving up the paid for model in favour of a free model. It was a fairly disparate market and more crowded twelve months ago, but it’s a homogenous one now will all […]