Newspaper Circulations August 2009

August shows a ‘modest’ increase in newspaper sales, the market picking up by 10,000 copies. This was really down to the Sunday market increasing by 13,000 and the morning papers backing by 3,000. In the mornings the Tabloids again took a bit of a hit. August being a strange months for Tabloids. There is a […]

Irish Readership Figures 2009

And finally…. something positive on the print front.  The JNRR (Joint National Readership Research) was released and it showed that, contrary to all the signs at the news stand, readership of newspapers went up year on year. It covered the period July 2008 to June 2009 (and a comparison is drawn from the same period […]

UK SEO Changes under Caffeine

Further to the post yesterday and whilst I am waiting for some updates, I decided a look over the pond might be in order. If we thought that our market was competitive for car insurance, then the UK would take your breath. Flick through any of the Golds or Paramount channels and you will see […]

Car Insurance SEO changes?

With Google testing its current beta search engine “Caffeine” its worth having a look at one incredibly competitive market – Car Insurance. It’s interesting to see how the different companies square up to each other now – and how, under the proposed changes of Caffeine, will the rank thereafter. It should be noted that this […]