internet figures

Nice to see some updates on the electronic side of some of the media with Independent Digital giving stats for their properties for March 2009. In the chart the blue line is and the red are, collectively, the other sites. The average for the month was 113,256 the newspaper site and 26,800 for the […]

Mobile and Radio Promotion make a good fit.

Here’s a really good example of merging mediums, there are plenty, but I liked this one for its simplicity and a small bit of ‘wonder would that happen here?’ A Taco chain in Florida Taco Maker reported a 21% increase in Q1 sales, crediting a promotion it ran between radio advertising and mobile handsets for […]

Twitter – Cop on To Twitter!

Personally, I think that, for many companies, it junk – pure and simple. Companies investing time, effort and presumably money to put up 140 characters at a time of absolute inane rubbish. Where’s the ROI – how is this being measured and, more importantly, why are you doing it? Someone told one of the big […]

Mobile Sites for Newspapers

In the last ground of electronic ABC figures there were some extra interesting stats furnished by the Guardian. They launched a mobile site earlier this year and they gave a first look at some of the data.  Overall they had 27,324,309 unique users to its site in April – making it the most visited site […]

Newspaper Web Statistics

Its a pity we are not privy to statistics like these and timely ones as well. Our print friends across the pond have released their year on web stats for April. The figures apply to “total unique users/browsers for the month” for each digital title and is conducted by the ABC. I just thought it […]

Mobile Phone Numbers

This morning, Vodafone delivered their annual results. Overall, pretty healthy on the surface as they turned €41b and EBITDA was €14.5b. But they had a charge against that of nearly €6 (impairment charges) ‘primarily in respect of Spain’ – and said no more on that. Its wasn’t the only lack of transparency, possibly as they […]

Irish Newspaper Circulation April 2009

Well, looks like the “R” is claiming victims – The Red Tops. Month on month can be explained by at least the fact that they got an increase in March from Cheltenham – which has now vanished into thin air. The downturn certainly is doing the “Reds” no favours. In tumultuous market conditions, its really […]

Offline Drives Online Traffic

I sometimes get the feeling that business are all too willing to abandon their “heartland” (traditional media) in favour of the new holy grail (new media). I would hurriedly say that I believe that a business will not prosper in today’s climate without an online presence. But, it’s the marriage of both that critical. Your […]