ABC Circulations Jan June 2011

The ABC Circulations for Jan June 2011 were released and make for fairly sobering reading. The circulation of National newspapers papers in the Republic of Ireland has declined by over 165,000 in twelve months. The biggest faller was in the Sunday market where there have been two newspaper closures in the year. Even stripping out those two titles, like for like sales of the remaining titles is still down 5%. Mornings are dwon 5% and

Irish Sunday Newspaper Circulation Jan June 2011

If you wnated a headlin figure for this Jan June 2011 ABC’s it would be the fact that the Sunday market slipped into six figures. It comes on the back of  the closure of the Sunday Tribune and the semi-closure (as the paper in another guise is still available) of the Daily Star on Sunday.   Actually it could be worse as the News of the World in real life is no longer around but still reported

Irish Daily Newspaper Circulation Jan June 2011

The morning market declined by 5% year on year in 2011 (not too bad in comparison to the 11% fall in the Sunday Market) and sees it drop below the 600,000 mark. Just to ram home the recessionary point, the morning market hasn’t seen an increase in sales since 2007. Publication JJ 2011 JJ 2010 Diff ‘000 Diff % Irish Independent 134,228 144,896 -10,668 -7% Irish Times 100,951 105,742 -4,791 -5% Examiner 43,390 46,687 -3,297

Irish Evening Newspaper Circulation Jan June 2011

Just to be complete the Evening Market. There is no daily breakdown of the Heralds’ figure, so it’s impossible to say how the addition of the Dubliner has worked for them.     Publication JJ 2011 JJ 2010 Diff ‘000 Diff % Evening Herald 61,936 67,657 -5,721 -8% Echo 20,011 22,288 -2,277 -10% Total 81,947 89,945 -7,998 -9% There is very little else to add, bar in graphical form, which really says it all.   

Irish Newspaper Circulations July 2011

Let’s cut straight to the interesting market in July – The Sundays. The News of the World ceased trading and produced a final edition on the second Sunday of the month. However, they decided not to produce an ABC figure for the month- and why would they. The previous month the NoW sold roughly 113,000 copies so , theoretically, they were all up for grabs (let’s leave aside multiple purchases). As the Sunday market was

Irish Newspaper Circulations June 2011

Seemingly if you’re a media owner with an abundance of titles and the poo hits the spinning thing, you simply throw the title out with the dirty water. And it will all go away! The figures below are BC – before crisis and next months will not reveal anything other than confusion as the News of the World was caned mid-month. It will be August before the dust settles. The morning market has little in

Irish Newspaper Circulations May 2011

Without trying to detract from some of the increases – one has to keep in mind that April was a fairly appalling month for newspapers with Easter and Bank Holidays etc. Mornings first: The Sun came back out and increased by over 3,000 copies, actually all the tabloids saw an increase on the previous month. The rest of the papers only saw marginal increases month on month. Year on year The Mirror is still hanging

Irish Newspaper Circulations April 2011

This April was littered with Bank holidays and then a Bank holiday in May (not covered). But it normally leads to disruption, which in turn leads to lower newspaper purchasing. But his year seems to have bucked that trend as the market is up just shy of two thousand copies. Granted, it’s the promotion happy Sunday market that made most of the gains. The month on month for the tabloids can nearly all be explained

Irish Newspaper Circulation March 2011

Get the latest circulation data here   No pretty formatting today as were are stranded with a laptop running the equivalent to Windows 3.1! But we’ll address that later. In the interest of speed and haste we have basic formatting but plenty of data. First things first. Congratulations to the Daily Star for putting on a few copies! That’s not a facetious remark. If you plan for an event like Cheltenham and it pays off

Irish Newspaper Circulation April 2010

A marginal decrease in the mornings this month. Taking into account the ‘disruption’ in the buying cycle for Easter and School holidays – its not a bad result.  However the year on year picture is very bleak. The tabloids account for 24,000 of the 29,000 drop in the market year on year. Just how much more blood letting can that tabloids take is anyone’s guess.    The Sunday market is beginning to get a little interesting.

Irish Newspaper Circulations February 2011

February saw the introduction of “i”, the free stalemate of the London Independent. Now, should it be named “i-spy”. Having made the decision to print an edition in the north and ship it across the border every night you would think that it would be a little easier to find. Copies are like hens teeth! If you’re looking for ‘Irish News’ it’s not going to be between the covers there. But, if you wanted to

Irish Regional Newspaper Circulations July-December 2010

In the regional department only four paid titles managed to stay the right side of last years figure. In the main the local papers in and around the Leinster region seem to have faired out the worst (Callow People –22%, Leinster Leader –19% Fingal Independent – 15% etc). Each of the regional’s will have their own unique story, unique to their particular area. Naturally there will be a element of the macro economics in that

Irish Morning Newspaper Circulations July-December 2010

Well, finally. The fast paced world of print has finally decided to publish figures. We can now reveal that the sale of the Irish Times in July 2010 was 98,847 copies a day. So, if you ran a campaign with that publication or any of the other laggards (in terms of publishing meaningful audited figures) you will now be able to see why its was a success or failure – eight months later. Publication July

Irish Sunday Newspaper CirculationsJuly-December 2010

The Sunday market is where the recent focus has been with the closure of one paper and another in receivership. The Sunday Tribune (ST) didn’t file an ABC for the last half of 2010. There’s a cost involved there and perhaps the receiver felt that until another buyer was found (or not) the money would be better spent elsewhere. Anyway – the king is dead, long live the king and its an intriguing tale in

Irish Newspaper Circulations January 2011

The first month of the year and we see a little mistake on a other than unblemished tome. The people at the Mail, who “passed off” as another paper last weekend have no ABC certificate this month. The ABC’s extremely efficient PR agency in Blighty said: The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday circulation data for January 2011 has not been submitted in time for inclusion in this report. Once the data has been received

Irish Newspaper Circulation December 2010

December never brings any real cheer to the Newspaper Business – its a month where minds are on festivities and certainly not on print. This December will also be fondly remembered for the blanket of snow, which probably didn’t help figures in some quarters. The Mail on Sunday is the only paper here to be up on the year and, bar the Independent on Sunday, no paper is up month on month.      The tabloids seem

Irish Newspaper Circulations November 2010

As the year draws to a close, it brings no good news. And with the snow and appalling driving conditions December will not ‘save the hay’ – expect there to be a few bad news stories when the December figures are out.  Month on Month the overall market is up marginally spurred on by the Sunday market, which in turn was spurred on by the Mail on Sunday. The Daily Mail was the only number

Irish Newspaper Circulation October 2010

The mornings took a right hammering in October loosing 11k month on month mainly spurred on by the red tops. The Sun lost 5% of it’s circulation in a month, The Daily star not far behind it at 3.6%. Nobody seems to have picked up any of these falling sales. The Irish Daily Mail didn’t escape the carnage  dropping 3.2%. All pretty bad news for the morning market. The Sundays also threw up a few

Irish Newspaper Circulation September 2010

September, brings a form of normality, if you’re a Circulation Manager anyway. That particular creature likes school, school runs and no summer holidays. Circulation people look with distain at tomes analysing the Chaos Theory. They just want calm and trends and straight line regression analysis. Month on month September does answer some of their prayers. The month on month lift in the Morning market was mainly carried by the Daily Mail. They were also the

Irish Newspaper Circulations August 2010

The Irish Daily Star took a bit of a bath last month, a period that should have brought some cheer to Terenure with the premier league and the tail end of the GAA. They dropped over 3,000 copies month on month. The Sunday Title, on the other hand, added 4,000 copies to address the balance in the daily market.  The Daily Mirror had another good month and if one looks at their performance over the